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Portefeuille de Fresh Cut Grass

Bells Hells

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Gardez vos pièces et boulons en sécurité et brillants avec Herbe fraîchement coupée ! Ce portefeuille jaune ensoleillé est orné d'yeux brodés bleu vif et d'une fermeture éclair pratique.

Détails :

  • Dispose d'une boucle de fermoir avec pampille et Critical Rôle Application de conception de logo en relief et estampée 
  • L'arrière du portefeuille comprend deux fentes pour cartes et une fente avec fenêtre en plastique pour cartes  
  • Matériaux : cuir PU grainé de haute qualité / similicuir / quincaillerie argentée
  • Dimensions : 4,5 pouces x 3 pouces

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews

The perfect wallet for me! I hate purses and always forget my wallet unless it’s attached to my keys. This wallet fixes that issue!

Cute design, not great at holding cards

I love the design of the whole thing. That said, it comes with a clip that allows you to clip it to your keys/purse/backpack etc and if you use it like that and have it hanging, you run the risk of the cards slipping out. I think I might have stretched mine with too many cards at first, so when I tried to attach it to my purse with less cards in it, the cards fell out. Now I just put it in my back pocket, which works just as good!

Love it, but flawed

I love this wallet and still use it but I wish either the clip was on the other side or the card pockets were reversed. Once you put a certain number of cards in it for a while you cannot reduce them because they fall out once it’s stretched. Also kinda mangles dollar bills but I carry so few I don’t really care. It makes me so happy to feed him coins.

Michelle Walden
For those concerned about cards falling out

See video for shake test. For my purposes, which is to store cash and coins, maybe my ID and a couple of cards, this is perfect and cute. Seems to be good quality. If using as a full wallet for everything, it might be a bit small.

Stacy Litwin
Would love it if they just changed one thing...

I got this as a gift and honestly it's so cute and sturdy, my only issue is that the keyring is on the bottom, so when I have it hooked on my wrist the cards face the floor. I've almost lost them a couple times so I've had to stop using it which is a big bummer

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