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Piste de Dés Critical Role Tome

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Dissimulée dans un faux livre (le Guide de l’Explorateur de Jrusar par le Conservatoire Starpoint), la Piste de Dés Critical Role Tome dispose d’une reliure en cuir synthétique vert sombre décorée d’estampes en métal doré d’inspiration ancienne. Ouvrez ce tome et dévoilez vos dés prêts à être lancés sur le plateau de gauche doublé de feutre, tandis que la partie droite compartimentée permet de ranger accessoires et miniatures.

Note : dés non-inclus.

Détails : 

  • Artiste : Sophie Humphries (@sophumph)
  • Dimensions : 
    • Extérieur : 17,75 cm (L) x 12 cm (l) x 5 cm (H)
    • Intérieur : 29,20 cm de largeur totale lorsque le tome est ouvert
      • Côté gauche : 12 cm (L) x 17,75 cm (L)
      • Côté droit : 7,60 cm (L) - plateau intérieur doublé | 8,25 cm (L) - compartiments de rangement intérieurs
  • Composition : 
    • Boîte : panneau de fibre à densité moyenne avec doublure en feutre
    • Doublure extérieure en cuir synthétique : cuir polyuréthane
    • Sangle à boucle et fermoir magnétique : métal

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 147 reviews
    Absolutely Love It!

    Very well made and so beautiful in person! Holds my dice nicely, I keep about 3 full sets of dice and 10 D6s inside. Highly recommend this fun and unique dice tray.

    Rena Watts
    Great tray for in person events!

    I am in love. This tray is so wonderful! I used to use a wooden bowl but this is so much better for my quarterly in person events (we play online via Roll20 but meet once a quarter for a day event). Everyone loved my tray from CR! Thank you to the artist for creating this and to CR for providing it for us!

    Ilya Michurin
    Impressions of the dice tray

    I like the design, it is quite nice. The color is vibrant. On the outside, the "metal" borders could be glued a bit tougher. Mine are in place, but some paper has caught on it and it was under the danger of being ripped away.
    The inside is quite nice. The divider for dice can be removed. It seems that with it, you can put in only one set of dice. But who does that, right?

    Good but had issues

    Nice dice tray overall, very nicely made on the inside.

    My main two complaints are that the divider is kinda useless (so it's nice that it's removable) because the small sections it makes are too tiny to fit even one die and your finger in, so it makes grabbing dice out of them a massive chore. This is a problem with a lot of dice trays and thankfully they planned around it. Second complaint is that one of the golden accents on the corners of the front of the "book" is very, very askew on the one I got. For a $70 dice tray, I'd expect a bit more quality control. Bu

    Stephene Heiden-Cilley
    More versatile than I knew!

    I'm a dice goblin like Laura, so I thought this book was cool, but not big enough (or organized enough) for my needs. But eventually I got it after constantly starring at it every time I bought the newest character dice sets. I finally gave in this time around. I was very excited when I found that the spacer in the top slot wasn't attached and I could move it. Now I use it in the big side to keep the 2 small sides from mixing! Just wish the magnetic closure strap wasn't quite so tight. Trying to latch it one of the first times, it slipped off and ripped a little of the faux leather.

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