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Piste de Dés Critical Role Tome

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Dissimulée dans un faux livre (le Guide de l’Explorateur de Jrusar par le Conservatoire Starpoint), la Piste de Dés Critical Role Tome dispose d’une reliure en cuir synthétique vert sombre décorée d’estampes en métal doré d’inspiration ancienne. Ouvrez ce tome et dévoilez vos dés prêts à être lancés sur le plateau de gauche doublé de feutre, tandis que la partie droite compartimentée permet de ranger accessoires et miniatures.

Note : dés non-inclus.

Détails : 

  • Artiste : Sophie Humphries (@sophumph)
  • Dimensions : 
    • Extérieur : 17,75 cm (L) x 12 cm (l) x 5 cm (H)
    • Intérieur : 29,20 cm de largeur totale lorsque le tome est ouvert
      • Côté gauche : 12 cm (L) x 17,75 cm (L)
      • Côté droit : 7,60 cm (L) - plateau intérieur doublé | 8,25 cm (L) - compartiments de rangement intérieurs
  • Composition : 
    • Boîte : panneau de fibre à densité moyenne avec doublure en feutre
    • Doublure extérieure en cuir synthétique : cuir polyuréthane
    • Sangle à boucle et fermoir magnétique : métal

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 235 reviews
    Joonas Kollom
    Let's roll

    Absolutely love it!

    Emily Taylor
    Gorgeous, but not as polished as I'd like for the $$$

    This is a cool item- the book aesthetic is effectively done without compromising at all its usefulness.

    However, there are a few irksome qualities with the tray: first, the strap is a little too small to properly clasp. You have to make sure it's completely straight between both magnets or it won't be long enough- even then, you need to put a bit of care into pulling it taut enough to get it to clasp.
    Second, the metal details on each corner of the cover are very easily accidentally pried up. You can smooth them down a little, but it's impossible to push them down completely flat the way that they came. The original cardboard wrap-around packaging got caught on one of them while I was removing it, and I haven't been able to return it to how it should be. They also very easily catch on certain clothes or fibres.
    Third, the dice separating insert on the top right of the tray came out immediately- this seems intended, as I don't see bits of glue on the bottom of it, and one of the edges where it meets the border of the tray has a small divot in it rather than sitting flush against it. It does tend to get dislodged and rattle around in the tray, though- I'd be a little concerned with the brown paint rubbing or chipping off of it eventually.

    Overall it's a gorgeous and very unique item, but for what is essentially a $100 dice tray, there are some issues in the details that I'm a little disappointed by.

    Luke Schaefer
    The Dice Tome Rolling Tray is Awesome!…Just One Thing.

    The Dice Tome Rolling Tray is awesome!…just one thing. I really wish that the leather strap that it has was a little bit longer or the snap on the strap was placed a little bit higher so that the tome can actually be snapped shut together. Other than that it is great!


    Beautifully made. Compact and easy to carry. As well as a cool set piece to display.

    Morgan Durden
    Perfect Gift!

    My wife loved it and can't wait to use it in our next game session. Beautiful exterior and large interior. No notes!