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Pin’s en émail Exandria Unlimited

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Emportez les aventures de l’équipe d’Exandria Unlimited partout avec vous, grâce à ce pin’s célébrant les histoires sans fin qui n’attendent que d’être contées à Exandria™. Sur le pin’s, on voit un subtil motif de vitrail derrière l’emblème ExU.

Détails :

  • Artiste : Grace Berríos (@lassflores)
  • Composition :
    • Émail dur
    • Alliage de zinc
    • 0,2 cm d'épaisseur, 2,8575 cm de diamètre

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Back clasp broke in shipping

In shipment, the back clasp got smashed and broke. I am sure if I messaged customer service they would have replaced it or helped out, but thankfully I own so many enamel pins I have spare clasps I could easily replace it with. The pin itself is beautiful!

Gryffin Mutzenberger
Stained Glass Themed Hard Enamel

Great quality, love the design and happy to add it to my CR pin collection.


I love how it contrasts with the other campaign pins!

Faith Rooney
I love it!

The colors are pretty and fits my pin collection nicely :)

Exactly as pictured!

No complaints here! I got two pins in this order, and I took photos to compare a particular detail on either of them; the Vox Machina is a "soft enamel" design, meaning the enamel (red) fill is ever so slightly lower on the surface than the surface of the metal frame/design. I tried to take a photo so the way the light caught the contours of the enamel demonstrated this. Whereas I, personally, don't usually prefer soft enamel designs on pins, I think it works just fine on this particular design! But worth noting--as the EXU pin is the opposite. It's a "hard enamel" design, meaning the enamel (teal and yellow) sits flush at the same surface level of the metal frame/design. Again, I tried to take a photo where the light reflection demonstrated this. The result is a much smoother, more consistent surface to the touch, whereas the Vox Machina pin has the metal designs slightly protruded and more prominent to the touch.

This is neither a good nor bad thing! I love them both, and am simply putting this detail out there for anyone who might want to see exactly what it means when the descriptions say soft/hard enamel! And if you're like me and want to collect a set of all the campaign series pins like these, it might matter to you that they are not all the same type of pin (though I personally don't care)! I just endorse Informed Decisions!

You can catch me gobbling up the M9 & Bell's Hells pins the second I see those buggers go on sale!

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