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Sac sans fond pour dés Bailey – Gris

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Vous avez une obsession sans fin pour les dés, tout comme notre Laura Bailey locale ? Prenez soin de votre collection grâce au Sac sans fond pour dés Bailey, inspiré des sac à dés faits pour Laura par la Critter Christina Ahrens (@marajade33082).

Cette version du Sac sans fond pour dés Bailey est en daim noir et en toile grise ornée de motifs s’inspirant des campagnes Vox Machina et Mighty Nein.

Détails :

  • Motifs par Grace Berrios @lassflores
  • Grand sac à dés en toile grise et daim synthétique noir, avec huit compartiments et une doublure en nylon à motifs imprimés,
  • un pendentif Critical Role argenté, des œillets argentés, des cordons de serrage et une sangle de transport en toile.
  • 1 cm de rembourrage en mousse au fond pour protéger vos précieux dés


Customer Reviews

Based on 139 reviews
Marina Pillai

I am a bona fide dice Goblin and I was using a bag much too small. I am so stoked to have this, it's perfect! And HUGE! I can get even more now lmao

Robby Heckman
Depends on your needs

If your a huge fan and just want it anyway then no need to read any further, go get it and smile all day. if your actually looking for legitimate critique on the quality and performance of this this large dice keeper then by all means I'll do my best.
This bag is indeed larger than the average dice bag and capable of holding quite a lot of dice, I would say a staging number of set building dice depending on what characters you wish to outfit in a given week. I've been collecting dice for 40 years have gone thorough a ton of them ...laterally. this bag uses very sturdy construction and very sturdy materials, with a convenient carry loop at the top. along with the draw string to bring it almost closed...in most ways this is all any general gamer will ever need...but please note, I said "ALMOST closed. this dice bag, no matter how tightly you pull or how you fold does not ever come to a full close, so forget entirely about carrying itty bitty dice in it unless they're in a much bigger bag with in this one, it's basically a pie sliced collection of pockets that you can carry and it's not particularly good at this task though, as you'll never have the same amount in every single pocket so it's always lopsided and kind of goofy looking. In addition to this, it's very shallow when you start trying to close it. The more you have the less it's able to come together, the more dice you'll lose from it as it's jostled around in your bag or in your hand. Come to think of it, I don't remember ever seeing Laura herself actually using one of these bags...but that's just my bad memory I'm sure. All in all, it's fine for a "Critical Roll" themed thing. Personally though, as a functional piece of gear...nah, it'll sit in the big tote of other unused dice carriers I've had in the past.

Travis Torrey
Holds plenty

Got both color for my friend's birthday. She immediately transferred her 45+ sets of dice and informed me that one bag could more than hold all of them.

Perfect for a dice goblin

The bag is exactly what I wanted, it's very spacious and the pockets make it super easy to keep the dice nicely sorted and divided. Much easier to find dice I want for a session as opposed to before when i had to look through multiple smaller pouches. Right now I have about 40 dice sets and after putting them all into the bag they took more or less 25% of the space? So yeah, it can fit A LOT of dice. The drawstring makes it easy to close. I also really like the padding at the bottom that makes the bottom flat, most dice bags don't have that, it protects the dice and make them not rattle and mix between the pouches when you pick the bag up. To sum up it's superb, 10/10.
My only problem was choosing between this design and the blue and brown one but you know, one day I will fill this one up and have an excuse to buy the second one as well :D

Kassy Short
The Bag of Enabling

I love the design of this dice bag!!! I was wondering if I had too many sets of dice and the amount of space left over has shown me that I have room for many more sets. Now I have lots of room to sate my dice addiction!

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