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Reina a medianoche

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Mejor Juego de Mesa Nominado a los Premios de Mesa 2023
Mejor Arte
Nominado a los Premios de Mesa 2023

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¿Qué princesa será coronada Reina de Medianoche en este juego de mesa de construcción de mazos de astucia, engaño y fuerza?

  • Cuenta de jugadores: 3-6
  • Edad mínima: 12+
  • Duración del juego: 60-90 minutos

Overview: La Reina de Medianoche ha muerto... Mientras su reino llora, la última orden de la Reina fue invocar la Regla de Medianoche: una prueba de combate y astucia, en la que las Princesas del Doce Doble se reúnen en secreto para luchar y conspirar unas contra otras. Cada princesa emplea tácticas únicas para luchar por la Corte de Medianoche, pero cuando el reloj marque las 12, sólo una llevará la corona.


  • Utiliza tus cartas para conspirar, luchar y lanzarte a la victoria.
  • Seis estilos de juego únicos.
  • ¡Promete tu lealtad a otros para cubrir tus apuestas!

Inside: La pieza central de este juego es una impresionante Torre del Reloj que registra los turnos, ofrece cartas para comprar y tira los dados. Gira para mirar a cada jugador en su turno. Cerca de 200 cartas están tematizadas para tu Princesa específica, con cartas de Bazar adicionales (75) disponibles para personalizar tu mazo. Fichas, rastreadores, tableros y otras tarjetas facilitan el seguimiento del juego incluso cuando las cosas se están calentando.


  • 3-6 players
  • 60-90 minutes
  • Ages 12+
  • Contents
    • Libro de reglas de 14 páginas
    • 6 Tableros de Jugador
    • 2 dados de seis caras
    • 6 Tableros de Puntuación y Salud
    • 12 fichas de madera de Salud/Clout
    • 108 cartas de bóveda de princesa
    • 75 Cartas de Bazar
    • 60 Cartas de inicio
    • 6 Cartas Definitivas/Círculo Interior
    • 30 Cartas de Declaración
    • 24 Fichas de Lealtad
    • 24 Fichas de Latigazo
    • 15 Fichas de Profecía
    • 1 ficha de trance
    • 30 fichas de nivel
    • Clocktower
  • Creative Team
    • Creado y diseñado por: Kyle Shire
    • Diseño adicional por: Alex Uboldi
    • Diseño gráfico
      • Diseño: Matt Paquette
      • Cartulina: David Killing
    • Arte de: Ameera Sheikh, Michal Ivan y Mike Pape
    • Edición: Travis D. Hill, Donald Behne, Darcy Ross y Kaitlyn Money
    • Coordinador de pruebas: Hank Finnin
    • Consultoría cultural: Christine Sandquist y James Mendez Hodes

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Such a fun game!!!

I caved and bought this after seeing it everywhere. The box art alone was worth it, I am a sucker for the beautiful art. But the game itself was fun and engaging too! I had a group of six players and it was our first time playing; I will warn that for my full group, with setting up pieces and reading the rules, the first time play through was about 3-4 hours. (Some groups might go for the estimated run time, just warning for those who have large groups with average reading comprehension lol.) Watching the video was super helpful too. Once we got to playing it went pretty smoothly! All of the characters have fun and unique play styles that I really want to try playing each one for myself. It has a ton of replay value, especially once you've gotten a hang of the rules. Wonderful game, great job everyone! I can see myself playing this for a while yet.


Really fun game, very worth the money when you get the hang of it all!

Innã Noisette
A truly fun game with a beautiful setup!

Very cool game, we played it amongst girls and made it a costumed PJ party, and had tons of fun!
The board is very well designed and the art is gorgeous (got some excited screams when they realized the clock was actually a dice tower <3 ). It all makes the game easier to learn and play through.
The mechanics are simple but efficient, all characters feel different yet balanced enough that everyone gets a chance, and the endgame abilities feel very rewarding.
Even though it is competitive, it never feels unfair so it's easy to keep it friendly at the table. Highly recommend coupling the game with an Epiphany cake (King / 12th Night Cake), fits right in!


Great game well thought out my family loves it

Fun Deckbuilder, Best in Groups of 4-5

Me and my friends played Queen by Midnight at PAX Unplugged and really enjoyed it. The game drew fond comparisons of Slay the Spire in its deckbuilding finesse and the game did a good job of time-boxing itself to be digestible.

We had a full table of 6, though, and when the politicking stage started, not enough had moved in the game to give compelling reasons to form alliances, so we thought it was probably best experienced with 4 or 5 players, rather than 6.

Worth noting is that I haven't dug deeply into the errata rules yet, which may address some concerns.

Overall, a very fun game with high replay value that I highly recommend, especially for playgroups that can revisit it with some regularity.