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Schmücke dein Regal mit diesen klassischen Nistpuppen mit Tieren aus den Kampagnen 1, 2, 3 und Exandria™ Unlimited.

Vom Größten zum Kleinsten / Außen zum Innen: Trinket, Mister, Frumpkin, Sprinkle, und ein Rabe.


  • Künstlerin: Grace Berríos (@lassflores)
  • Materialien: Holz
  • Abmessungen:
    • Schmuckstück: 6 Zoll groß
    • Mister: 4 inches tall
    • Frumpkin: 3 inches tall
    • Sprinkle: 2.5 Zoll groß
    • Raven: 1.5 Zoll groß
  • Vollflächiger Druck

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews

So cute brilliantly made and is currently decorating one of my shelves on my bookcase in my living room

Jenna Stickney
Super cute and high quality

Only issue was that they stick a little and needed some effort to open. Almost impossible to get to the middle but totally worth it!


Very nice quality! And I love that these are made out of real wood.

Virginia King
They were stuck🤔

Trinket was easy to open but the others were stuck. My son used a tool.in his Swiss Army knife to gently wiggle the openings to get them apart.
Otherwise, they are fun the detail for each doll is amazing, the quality is very good.
I have wanted these nesting dolls for a long time, I am happy I have them now.


Cute but almost impossible to get Trinket open to look at the others. Once opened around the seams were already chipping before I got to the 3rd one. Like others said there was a squeaking sound when opening them and some of the ‘wraps’ or paint or whatever you want to call it was uneven and was chipped already. When putting them all back together Trinket has to be fiddled with for everything to fit flush again. I wasn’t expecting the best of the best that was a smidge disappointing 😕. They are cute though but the price is a little high if these are to be the expected outcome.