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Critical Role Dice Tome Rolling Tray

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Getarnt als Buch-Entdeckerführer für Jrusar aus dem Starpoint-Konservatorium- Kritische Rolle Dice Tome Rolling Tray ist in dunkelgrünes Kunstleder gehüllt und mit antikem, geprägtem Metall in Gold versehen. Wenn du diesen Wälzer aufklappst, kommen deine Würfel zum Vorschein, die auf dem mit Filz gefütterten Rolltablett auf der linken Seite bereit für Rollies sind, während die rechte Seite zum Rollen und zur Aufbewahrung von Zubehör und Minis unterteilt ist.

Anmerkung: Würfel nicht enthalten.


  • Artist: Sophie Humphries (@sophumph)
  • Dimensions:
    • Außen: 7 (L) x 4.75 (B) x 2 (H) Zoll
    • Innenraum: 11.5 Zoll Gesamtbreite in geöffnetem Zustand
      • Linke Seite: 4.75 (B) x 7 (L) Zoll
      • Rechte Seite: 3 Zoll (L) - Boden gefüttert Tablett | 3.25 Zoll (L) - oberes Tablett mit unterteilten Ablagefächern
  • Materials:
    • Box: Mitteldichte Faserplatte mit Filzeinlage
    • Umhüllung aus Kunstleder: Polyurethan-Leder
    • Schnallenriemen und Magnetverschluss: Metall
    • Schaumstoffeinlage innen: Die Schaumstoffeinlage sorgt dafür, dass Würfel und Minis im geschlossenen Zustand an ihrem Platz bleiben.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 219 reviews

    Product appeared to be damaged in shipping and needed to be replaced. Critical Role immediately replaced item free of charge.

    Mads Buhl
    Looks great, falls appart

    I really love this tray and the look of it. But the quality just is not there. I bought this dice tray in connection with the Black Friday sale and after 4 months of being used maybe once every week it's coming apart. The glue keeping this thing together is clearly not very good. I didn't exert any force on it at all and it started to come apart. I tried testing the glue and put a bit of force on it and it started to rip apart easily.

    Joey Kava
    Beautiful and functional

    First things first this is a gorgeously designed tome. From the little touches like the metal corner pieces to the velvety soft storage/rolling surface this my new favorite dice tray.

    I did have a problem with my strap that holds the tome together for travel and storage but Jezz at critter support had me sorted out quickly and cordially.

    All in all the Tome is a five star and the customer service is a five plus.

    Nel Smith
    Perfect gift for a friend's birthday

    Looks lovely and very useful object.

    good, the corners are a hazard though

    I picked up my box today and found that one of the little metal corner pieces was hanging off the box and sliced down my finger, peeling off the top layer of skin. I decided to take all of them off after that, for safety. They're a little too sharp considering how loosely secured they are. Other than that, I think the box is beautiful, but I wanted to write this review as a warning.

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