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Mighty Nein Würfel Set: Mollymauk Tealeaf

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Lang möge er herrschen! In Zusammenarbeit mit unseren Freunden von Die Hard Dice entstand dieses Mollymauk Tealeaf-inspirierte Würfelset mit rot eingefärbten Zahlen auf schimmernden lila und schwarz gewirbelten Würfeln mit einem Hauch von blauem und rotem Glitzer. Der d20 zeigt ein Sonnen- und Mondsymbol auf der 20er-Seite.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass die genaue Färbung zwischen beiden Würfeln und Sets variieren kann.


  • Satz von 7 polyedrischen Würfeln aus Resin mit je einem der folgenden Würfelformen
    • d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20 und Perzentilwürfel
  • Das Würfelset wird in einer lilafarbenen PU-Ledertasche mit geprägtem Critical Role-Logo und lilafarbenem Futter und Kordelzug geliefert.
  • Metall Mighty Nein Charme auf Kordelzug.

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful dice that get the job done. Perfect gift.

Austin McCoy
Amazing Purchase

I got both the Ashton set and the MollyMauk Tealeaf set and am incredibly pleased with my purchases. Both sets of dice look incredible. The subtle details on each set really make them stand out. I love the beveled corners on the d4 to make them actually roll as opposed to thudding like my other sets. The quality of both dice and bags are top notch, plenty of room for extra dice in the bags too. Perfect addition for critters wanting to bring elements of their favorite characters to the table.

A personal favorite detail about the MollyMauk set is the faint flecks of red glitter/shimmering that the light occasionally catches. A small detail that makes these dice phenomenal

Sierra Vaseau
Mollymauk review

Wish the glitter came through more, cause you can’t really notice it until you put it really up close. However other then that loved it. :)

Mae McIntosh
Absolutely amazing!

The decals were bigger than I thought, which was great! The details were so clear, and they'll look amazing on my TTRPG box.
The Mollymauk Tealeaf dice are SPARKLY which I didn't notice, because I was so struck by the contrast of the bright red numbers on the black die. He's by far my favorite of TMN, seconded only by the shroomy Tal character. My first roll of the D20 landed me a 16, so I see great things ahead for my future campaigns!