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Mighty Nein Chibi Vinyl Abziehbilder

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Mit diesem Set aus neun (NEIN!) Mighty Nein Chibi-Abziehbildern mit Charakterzeichnungen von Critter Jenny Park (@asunnydisposish) und dem Mighty Nein-Monogramm, das ursprünglich von Critter Crystal Sharp (@Malcassairo) entworfen wurde, kannst du dein Notebook, deinen Laptop, deine Wasserflasche oder jede andere Oberfläche, die sich für Aufkleber eignet, aufpeppen.


  • Neun Vinyl-Aufkleber mit ablösbarem Kleber, 7.62 cm hoch
  • Gestanzt, vollfarbig
  • Verpackt im Polybeutel mit Kartonaufleger

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 28 reviews
    Mae McIntosh
    Absolutely perfect!

    These decals were larger than expected (not a bad thing!) mostly because I suck at checking dimensions when I fall in love with a sticker design. The larger size made it even better to admire the amazing details that the artist put into each character, and now my problem is trying to decide which spots to place them in!

    Absolutely love them!!

    Started a new education three weeks ago and wanted to spruce up my notebook and laptop to give me some extra motivation. Coincidentally I already had the bees notebook which made it super easy to choose who went on there xD Molly keeps people's hands off my computer and Yasha helps me plow through my workload - and appreciate the nice things in life 😌 Definitely gonna be putting the others on my home computer!

    The stickers are a lot bigger than I expected, honestly, but I love them. You can see every detail easily and the quality is very nice! They peel off the paper easily and without problem and stick very fast. Definitely recommend them design- and quality-wise! ✨

    where do u want 2 stick em?

    Cute stickers that will make children and adults (oversized children) smile. I also enjoy the packaging CR sends things in. Direct from Gilmore's Glorious Goods Los Angeles Branch. Easter eggys inside and out of the shipping box. Thank you CR for keeping me amused.

    Very cute but don't expect them to last for long

    While they don't peel or lift at all, I'm sad to say that the print on these stickers is... Not good quality at all. I've put all of them on my laptop and just after 2 or 3 weeks, Fjord and Jester lost a lot of their print in very big patches. They looked like they'd been there for years instead of weeks. The ones on the back/cover of my laptop are faring a little better, but even they have gotten a few small but very visible scratches.
    It's disappointing because these stickers are really really cute and I was super excited when I got them.

    Cecilie Bredesen
    Love them

    So cute!! They are everything i hoped for, now I just hope my friend feels the same