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Kritische Rolle des Retro-Joggers

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Der Kritische Rolle Retro Jogger ist perfekt für Critters, um abzuhängen, Besorgungen zu machen, oder zu Hause in Stil und Komfort zu faulenzen. Diese superbequeme Hose ist anthrazitfarben und hat blaugrüne und gelbe Streifen an der Außenseite jedes Beins, die mit rohem Rand genäht sind. Der einfach zu bindende Kordelzug sorgt für eine sichere Passform, und die seitlichen Eingrifftaschen verleihen ihnen einen lässigen und vielseitigen Look, der sich gut mit dem Critical Role Retro Hoodie sowie mit deinem Lieblings-T-Shirt oder Tank kombinieren lässt.

Der Critical Role Retro Jogger und Hoodie sind separat erhältlich.


  • Models:
    • Marisha Ray trägt eine Größe Small
    • Taliesin Jaffe trägt Größe 2XL
  • Materials:
    • 45% Baumwolle, 50% Polyester, 5% Rayon Fleece-Rückenfrottee
    • 2 Streifen sind 100% Baumwolle und mit rohen Kanten abgesteppt
  • Size/Fit: Unisex-Größe; weiches, entspanntes Material und Passform; größengetreu
  • Care Instructions:
    • Warm waschen, nicht bleichen
    • Nicht chemisch reinigen
    • Nicht im Trockner trocknen
    • Kühl bügeln auf der Rückseite

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Anders Fougstedt
Very comfy and great looking, though the surface turns rough in just a few weeks

I've used these for around 4 months now and overall they are very comfy indeed, as long as you are fine with their tapered shape sticking closely to your lower legs (I am :) ). They also look great, the reality matched the product pictures here very well. Perhaps I could just mention a detail: The color stripes down the sides are also not quite evenly sown (the distance between lines is very different on left and right leg) and the edges of these lines are looking frayed now. Not a big deal, just a detail to note on the expected quality.

I have used them only for quiet in-doors life at home, not for excercise or in outside weather conditions, and I've washed them a couple of times, carefully. They seem to be holding up ok so far, with one caveat: the outer surface starts out extra luxuriously soft but gradually turns very rough and coarse over just the first few weeks. It's now in worse shape than my old cheap regular joggers these replaced. That has been a big dissapointment since they were so wonderfully soft out of the box, and it makes me a little worried about how long the cloth will hold. Again, this is just from sitting and standing in-doors, no rough conditions.

Besides those minor issues they are very good overall, and I'm happy with the purchase. I just hope they hold long enough to be worth the price in the long run.

Charlotte Kingsbury
They look almost smart but feel so comfy

Really nice feel and really comfortable. The tapering effect and side stripes means they don't look slobby like most of my loungewear and in fact I want to show them off👍

Super Comfortable

I can't stop wearing them, they are my favorite lounge wear. I honestly might get myself another pare. 10/10

All the jogger pants are excellent

I have every pair of critical role joggers. I wear them incredibly frequently. These ones feel the best, for whatever reason.

Louise Lendl
Best joggers

Got my order 5 days after ordering. Best joggers I've ever bought. Sizes are good as well!