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Candela Obscura Spinning Schlüsselanhänger

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Zelebrieren Sie Ihre Mitgliedschaft im Kreis und bewahren Sie Ihre Schlüssel sicher auf mit dem Candela Obscura Schlüsselanhänger. Der Schlüsselanhänger, der nur für Mitglieder bestimmt ist, besteht aus verrostetem Metall und hat eine rautenförmige Drehscheibe, die sich um eine vertikale Achse dreht und auf der einen Seite das offizielle Logo und auf der anderen Seite den offiziellen Namen des Geheimbundes trägt.


  • Künstler: Logo von Aaron Monroy
  • Materialien: Zink-Legierung
  • Größe: 1.77 Zoll Breite x 1.81 Zoll Höhe (ohne den Schlüsselring)
    • Schlüsselringdurchmesser: 1.38 Zoll

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Nairi Malkhasian

Really happy with the design and glad I could show off some Candela pride!

Very fragile keychain

Bought it when it first came out and was very happy with the design. I rarely spun it, and don't drive very often anymore, so one would have assumed that this keychain were sturdy enough to last more than a few months. Sadly that wasn't the case.

Dropped my keys on the ground a few weeks ago and it snapped off. I can't imagine how it would hold up to everyday wear, but the metal pin was fragile enough to completely snap off at the welded connection point. I couldn't even fix it because how it broke. For context, I had a spinny keychain like this that lasted close to 8 years back when I actively drove, so something lasting less than a year was concerning.

I love CR products and they're usually well made, but sorry to say that this one was a flop. If they're ever produced again, a better design and/or a stronger metal should be implemented. Rated 2 stars because the art design was great, but it broke so easily.

Kasia Kaliszka
Love Love Love!!!

I absolutely love playing with this keychain!! It's nice and heavy, the design is so beautiful and I could watch it spin all day long, I proudly wear it with my lanyard

Joshua Lowry
Simply awesome!

I love it. Its bigger than I thought detailed and sturdy

Mathew Forbes
Welcome to new faire

I love the design I also got the lapel pin with this when I bought them both and it feels like I've already jumped into the world of candela already and I love the design of Candela's sigil and the color of copper for the pin and keychain are great cant wait to buy some of the dice so i can get myself and my session into this excitingly horrifying game i cant wait