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Jarra de papel crítico

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Como é que queres beber isto? Como o Grog Strongjaw, agora você pode deixar a cerveja fluir diretamente pela sua garganta a partir da nossa caneca muito brilhante. Ou então, desfrute de uma deliciosa caneca de leite com o seu donut favorito, preferido e recomendado pelo nosso adorável Jester Lavorre.

Com caligrafia personalizada do nosso amigo Critter, Chris Gladis (@mshades01).


  • Aço inoxidável
  • Contém 580mL (19.6oz)
  • "Como queres fazer isto?" gravado no corpo da caneca.
  • Logotipo da Critical Role gravado no fundo da caneca.
  • Somente lavagem à mão.

O invólucro da caneca de tinta "I Would Like To Rage" é VENDIDO EM SEPARADO.

Customer Reviews

Based on 197 reviews
Franklin Cotton
Little pricey but great!

It does seem to be pretty hollow so feel it could ding up, but hasn’t yet and survived a drunk (me) raging barbarian (char) 4 hour session with no problems! It holds more than I thought it would so makes for bigger drinks than my normal drinking glasses! .. and of course I had to wrap it with the “I would like to rage” wrap!

Steven Hayes

I love these tankards. I have purchased five of them so far and have plans to purchase at least three more. Solid construction, great look, and I have had friends ask where I have gotten them from.

Anthony Mattson
I'm Ready for the Day, and the Tavern!

I've been needing a new everyday cup, and this tankard is perfect! It's a really great design and feels solid. I also love the base. I kept knocking my last cup over because it was so narrow. This tankard has proven it has the strength of Grog, withstanding all my clumsy efforts to knock it over.

Mark Slater
Love it!!

It’s my new favorite drinking mug!

Lauren Corrales
Perfect for my husband!

My husband is the DM of our campaign and he has had his eye on this for quite a long time. So as soon as it was back in stock I knew I had to buy it for him!
He absolutely loves it! It's such a high quality and feels great!