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Papel crítico Chibi Pin No. 12 - Keyleth

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Uma boa Voz da Tempestade deve aventurar-se pelo mundo para se certificar de que tudo está bem. Traga Keyleth consigo preso ao seu casaco, à sua mochila ou ao local preferido para o prender.


  • Artista: Jenny Park (@asunnydisposish)
  • Pin #12 da série Chibi Pin
  • Tamanho: 4.445 cm
  • Materiais: Liga de zinco banhada a prata, esmalte duro
  • Logotipo da Critical Role em relevo na parte de trás do pin

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

Words cannot express how happy I am with this pin. She is stunning. And all the little details are perfect.

Ravyn Batchelor
Keyleth is best girl

She's beautiful and perfect. I didn't realize the little gem dangles and it has stolen my heart. I bought her with Vax so at least they can be together forever on my pin board.


Super cute 🥰 Looks great on my bag.

The only issue is that the hanging charm was installed backwards so the silver backing faces the front instead of the green gem front. I managed to fix it with jewelery tools I own, so no big. Just something to keep in mind when buying I guess

She's perfect

I own all of the M9 chibi pins, a handful of BH ones, and finally scooped up Keyleth as my first VM pin! She's just perfect - the detail on her is stunning and the colors are especially bright.

Kara Grady
Here's the artwork I did!

Both her and Vax's displays were too beautiful to toss so I turned them into themed art with mementos from recent travels: an oak leaf for Keyleth and feather for Vax.