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Conjunto de dados Mighty Nein: Essek Thelyss

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Encante as suas jogadas no estilo hot boi com este conjunto de dados inspirado em Essek Thelyss . Feito em parceria com os nossos amigos da Die Hard Dice, este conjunto azul e roxo iridescente tem numeração gravada em lavanda metálica e um ícone de farol Luxon no lado 20 do dado d20.

Por favor, note que a coloração exacta pode variar entre os dados e os conjuntos.


  • Conjunto de 7 dados poliédricos em resina, incluindo um de cada um dos seguintes estilos de dados:
    • d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, e dados de percentil
  • O conjunto de dados vem numa bolsa de couro sintético (poliuretano) cinzento escuro com um Papel Crítico logótipo e cordões em relevo.
  • Metal Mighty Nein armadura no cordão.

Customer Reviews

Based on 105 reviews
Fantastic Dice

I love this set of dice, the color is famtastic

Leon C.
Most Blessed Dice

I’m a DM and I’ve been using these as my secondary DM dice recently. Since I bought them, I’ve rolled 20 nat 20’s between two sessions across ALL my dice (but these have rolled the most crits). My players are threatening to unionize, I’m having to fudge rolls to be lower. Fortune’s Favor indeed, good lord.

Vera Edman
I like them

They are incredibly beautiful when the light shines on them, and they have a wonderful feeling. First roll was an 18. But the bag smells a bit disgusting and is very large for a set of dice but it feels like good quality

Unexpectedly beautiful

To be clear: I knew that these would be beautiful but oh my do they look nice in person. Like others stated already, looking at these is like looking into a whole galaxy. I'm straight up amazed!
Also, they go wonderfully with the GM dice set with the problem being that I will never find single damage dice that look as good as these together. 😅

Andrew Keith
Perfect Dice

Very affordable and high quality, their look is sleek and attention grabbing.