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Conjunto de 2 capas para chaves Essek Thelyss

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Adicione uma pitada de magia às suas chaves com duas capas para chaves, uma com Essek Thelyss e a outra com um farol Luxon.


  • Duas capas de chaves: Essek design & Beacon design
  • Essek Art by Jenny Park (@asunnydisposish)
  • Tamanho: 1.75"
  • Materiais: PVC / Liga metálica
  • Adequado para chaves com 1 polegada de largura ou menos, e menos de 3mm de espessura

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Robin Vaughn
Cute, not functional

They are super cute, but bigger than anticipated. Also, they keys keep getting lost inside the design, and even pulling them back into place, the design for hot Boi means I can't actually use the key. It blocks some of the key itself so it won't work on the lock. But still, super cute. Just could be better designed.

Pretty but big

A lot bigger than I anticipated. Also the rubber that connects to the actual metal ring seems a little delicate so I don’t use it for a key because I’m afraid it might break easily and I will lose the key. But they are very pretty and I’m happy with them as a normal keychain!

Design is not very good

This is a rare product from the CR store that didnt quite work for me. Specifically, only one of the two key covers actually works. The one that doesnt work is too big and my key either gets lost in the dodeca, or I cant pull the key out enough for it to fully use in the lock. I do use the other one but i constantly have to pull it out because it slips inside of Hot Boi so not really worth the money, even on sale

Brian Thorne
Great keycovers

Works great on the keys that I wanted to use them on

Lenja D.
Such Nostalgia! Much Happy!

Love these key covers! I remember these things from when I was younger, so when I saw these on the CR shop I had to get them! Also it made it easier to open my front door, cause it gives more grip to they key! I only have one key, so the second one is just a keychain haha