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Autocolante Bells Hells Crest

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Exibe o teu Bells Hells estilo com este fantástico Bells Hells Autocolante de brasão! Decore seu caderno favorito, diário, laptop, carro, nave espacial, rastreador ou qualquer superfície adequada para adesivos.


  • Artista: Jordyn Torrence (@atjordyn)
  • Dimensions:
    • Tamanho do autocolante: 4 x 4 polegadas
    • Tamanho do personagem: 3 x 3.25 polegadas
  • Decalque em vinil com adesivo amovível
  • Decalque transparente com logótipo preto Bells Hells
  • Embalado em polybag com topper de cartão

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Sydney Newland
Such a cute decal

It fits perfectly in the center of my gas cap door, adding the perfect detail to that portion of my car.

Displayed Proudly

I really enjoy receiving packages from the Critical Role store or should I say Messr Gilmore of the Glorious Goods (check the return address on the label). A wonderful flourish, totally unnecessary but delightfully fun. The extra touches continue with the early 20th century style shipping port stamps printed on the box. Then upon opening the box (remember to always check for traps, roll for investigation) there is a message on the inside of the lid inviting me to adventure. Finally, on the bottom of the inside of the box there is a grinning gremlin. At this point I am thoroughly delighted and I haven't even checked my loot. My wife sees it, grabs it and says its hers. Later that night I roll a sleight of hand check and swipe it back. I will order another one for her soonish.

michael capps
Bells Hells sticker rocks

It's great, the only thing I would change is it could also come in white, as I found out that on dark windows the black disappears.

Emerson Deuber
Bells hells decal

Not much to say the decal looks great, I think it gave my jeep a +1 to roll saves

Jessie Jean
Great Stickers!

I love the decal for this. It is perfect.