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Porta-chaves giratório Candela Obscura

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Festeje a sua pertença ao círculo e mantenha as suas chaves seguras com o Candela Obscura Chaveiro giratório. Feito de metal envelhecido, o porta-chaves exclusivo para membros tem um spinner em forma de diamante que gira num eixo vertical e ostenta o logótipo oficial de um lado, com o nome oficial da sociedade secreta no outro.


  • Artista: Logótipo por Aaron Monroy
  • Materiais: Liga de zinco
  • Tamanho: 1.77 polegadas de largura x 1.81 polegadas de altura (sem incluir o porta-chaves)
    • Diâmetro do porta-chaves: 1.38 polegadas

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Very fragile keychain

Bought it when it first came out and was very happy with the design. I rarely spun it, and don't drive very often anymore, so one would have assumed that this keychain were sturdy enough to last more than a few months. Sadly that wasn't the case.

Dropped my keys on the ground a few weeks ago and it snapped off. I can't imagine how it would hold up to everyday wear, but the metal pin was fragile enough to completely snap off at the welded connection point. I couldn't even fix it because how it broke. For context, I had a spinny keychain like this that lasted close to 8 years back when I actively drove, so something lasting less than a year was concerning.

I love CR products and they're usually well made, but sorry to say that this one was a flop. If they're ever produced again, a better design and/or a stronger metal should be implemented. Rated 2 stars because the art design was great, but it broke so easily.

Kasia Kaliszka
Love Love Love!!!

I absolutely love playing with this keychain!! It's nice and heavy, the design is so beautiful and I could watch it spin all day long, I proudly wear it with my lanyard

Joshua Lowry
Simply awesome!

I love it. Its bigger than I thought detailed and sturdy

Mathew Forbes
Welcome to new faire

I love the design I also got the lapel pin with this when I bought them both and it feels like I've already jumped into the world of candela already and I love the design of Candela's sigil and the color of copper for the pin and keychain are great cant wait to buy some of the dice so i can get myself and my session into this excitingly horrifying game i cant wait


I was super excited to get this keychain. Everything worked out so I could put it on a piece of leather and turn it into a necklace. It's wonderful quality and I'm so happy.