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Alfinete de lapela Candela Obscura

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Figure-se entre os buscadores da verdade com a Candela Obscura Alfinete de lapela. Este pin subtil, mas elegante, é feito de metal em relevo e rebaixado, com o logótipo oficial gravado em relevo, para ficar bem no seu blazer, casaco ou camisa preferidos.


  • Artista: Logótipo por Aaron Monroy
  • Materiais: Liga de zinco com eletrodeposição de ouro antigo
  • Fecho posterior com alfinete de segurança
  • Dimensões: 0.75 polegadas x 0.75 polegadas
    • 2mm de espessura

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Matches Malone
A touch of immersion

Just excellent and is the final touch to finishing your Circle

The best!

I love “in universe” merch that can also be used for cosplay! I bought my first one at the Candela launch at Geeky Teas and then ordered this one for my best friend as a surprise for the live show!

Jess M-H

Bought this as part of our outfits for the live show. Perfect!

Brickle Brackle
Great way to meet new friends

I had this pin for 2 weeks on my bag and not one person acknowledged it. I didn't mind, since I always knew it was more of a nieche interest, but then as I was passing a dark alley, a mysterious stranger called out to me. They told me there was a Candella meeting coming up and I should really be keeping my pin under my lapel for "members only." I had a free evening so I said why not and followed along. I get to visit this weird old gentlemans club looking place, meet these new people from all kinds of backgrounds, and next thing you know, I've got 4 new best friends and a strange glowing case that I need to deliver to an abandoned castle on the outskirts of town. Only lost an eye and all feeling in my right arm to undescribable terrors get this far, but my new pals protected me from the worst of it, and that bond of friendship all thanks to this new pin. What a great way to meet new people! I'd buy another if I survive long enough!


Pure awesomeness