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Beleza de Exandria: The Wildes - camisola de malha de argila Caduceus

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Passeie pelas Selvas de Exandria™ em grande estilo com o nosso Caduceu de Barro Suéter Cardigan com uma variedade maravilhosa de besouros, cogumelos, chá e dados. Criado na perfeição para o seu curandeiro residente!


  • Artista: Adriann Helton
  • Tamanho: Comprimento médio unissexo solto (**Marisha está a usar um tamanho Pequeno)
  • Fechamento de sete botões em madeira gravada personalizada
  • Comprimento da peça aproximadamente 32"
  • Materiais: 100% acrílico

Customer Reviews

Based on 638 reviews
Best purchase I've ever made

I purchased this Cardigan a while back but it is still one of my favorite purchases I've made on this store and is the comfiest cardigan I have ever owned I even use it as a mini blanket sometimes! It feels like a warm fuzzy Caduceus hug :)

Marissa Brooks

I love this sweater! The only thing I was disappointed about was the lack of pockets. How else am I going to store my dead people tea leaves? Othet than that, I ordered a 6xl (normally a 4xl) cause I like to swim in my sweaters. It's comfy, warm and I'm ready to take on the adventure the day has for me! About to run my first Dnd campaign this Saturday as a DM and I'll be sporting my new sweater. Thank you guys! I love watching the show!

Asger J.
Love this cardigan!

Finally decided to buy it. I was a bit confused about the size guide so I kept postponing it but I finally just decided to get it in the same size as the hoodie I bought at an earlier point in time.
It's a little on the larger size on me, but I honestly don't mind it.

Kimberly Melton
My favorite piece of clothing.

This is a dream to wear! It is one of my favorite cardigans and I always get compliments on it everywhere I go. Highly recommend!

Tabitha Florida
I love this cardigan so much, I bought two

I love and live in the cardigan. I bought my first one when it originally released, and I realized, one day long from now, it would be too worn out to continue using. I bought a backup cardigan when they restocked, and now I’ll be cozy forever!

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