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The Chronicles of Exandria - The Mighty Nein Standard Edition Art Book

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Encompassing the first chapters of our second campaign, this tome illustrates the adventures of our unlikely heroes as they meet in Trostenwald, struggle through a heartbreaking encounter with the Iron Shepherds, and more. Featuring stunning works by artists from the Critter community, The Chronicles of Exandria™ -- The Mighty Nein is a beautiful way to revisit the origin of the Mighty Nein through the perspective of expositor Beauregard Lionett and the archivists of the Cobalt Soul.

This book was made in collaboration with our friends at Dark Horse with curation by Liam O'Brien, Taliesin Jaffe, and Lauryn Ipsum.


The standard edition of The Chronicles of Exandria™ -- The Mighty Nein boasts 264 pages of art created by the Critical Role community and accompanying text written by Liam O'BrienTaliesin JaffeDani Carr, and the cast of Critical Role.


    • Cover art: Matteo Scalera and Moreno Dinisio
    • Beau art by Elliott Berggren
    • Caleb art by Kent Davis
    • Fjord art by Olivia Hintz and Daniel Bittencourt
    • 4 piece spread: art by Ceri Giddens (top left), Jonah Baumann (bottom left), Aimee Ernst (top right), and Noah Warner (bottom right)
    • Sailing spread: art by Kent Davis (left page), Allison Huey (right page, top), and C. Hickley (right page, bottom left and right)
    • Darktow: Caio Santos

    Full credits for all of the incredible artists who contributed to the book can be found at

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    Filip Opincal
    Awesome purchase

    Very high paper quality, and a little over 250 pages of various styles of great art. I love it, and I'd warmly suggest it to anyone who likes the Mighty Nein story.

    Magnifique Artbook

    Le livre est absolument fantastique et bien agencé !
    J'apprécie énormément le recensement de chaque artistes à la fin, avec la mise à disposition de leurs réseaux sociaux !

    Martina Koleva
    Great Book

    I'm very happy with the book. The art is amazing, the stories are great and it's just the thing I needed to help me move on from the Nein.

    Balthazar Rouberol
    Trulu beautiful book

    The book is big, thick, and truly beautiful. The paper quality is impressive, and the colors are really vivid. I read through about it while sipping tea (not made out of graveyard flowers though) reminiscing about Season 2. If you enjoyed hearing the adventures of the Mighty Nein, I guarantee that won't be disappointed.

    Kajetan U.
    Wonderful Gift

    A late christmas gift for my brother who like me is a big fan of the show, his reaction to seeing the cover? "Oh s**t".
    Great stuff really