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Mighty Nein Bumper Sticker 4-Pack Set

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Add four mighty fine bumper stickers inspired by the adventures of the Mighty Nein to your collection!


  • Designed by Jordyn Torrence (@atjordyn)
    • "My Other Ride is a Moorbounder"
    • "Nicodranas"
    • "Proud Parent of a Soltryce Academy Honor Roll Student"
    • "Orphan Maker" - art by Nina Matsumoto (@spacecoyotl)
  • Size: 7.62 cm x 29.21 cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Exactly as pictured!!

I'm not even able to use these on a vehicle, but they were being discontinued and I was NOT going to miss the opportunity to own some of the most direct "I Stan Moorbounders" merch in existence. They will be framed on my wall, where their implied reference to a car will make no sense, but will garner me great joy. Highly recommend!

My best friend, who is not a Critter (but hears me go off about my enthusiasm for the content constantly) reported to me the other day that they saw a "The Traveler Is My Co-Pilot" bumper sticker in their real life outings, and that gave me a wave of serotonin that I'm still experiencing weeks later for reasons I cannot fully quantify. I think that's an indirect endorsement of this product, but I leave it up to reader interpretation.

Arlee s.

Good stickerss. High quality

Ava Wilde

I ordered these and they arrived just a few days later, extremely fast shipping for me. They are high quality, quite pretty, and seem like they'll stick for a long time. I also loved the packaging, super funny and a nice surprise.

A Caulfield
Pretty great

I tried and failed using other CR stickers on my car. Great to have purpose built stickers for it. These are lasting much better. Not a fan of the Soltryce Academy one. Not many people do bumper stickers here in Ireland (and even Europe). So the "proud parent" bumper sticker joke doesn't really translate as well here. I cut out the symbol on that sticker and threw the rest away.

Erin Callahan

These be perfect for my new car. Now I just got to pick one out.

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