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Essek Thelyss Key Cover Set 2-Pack

Mighty Nein

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Add a dash of magic to your keys with two key covers, one featuring Essek Thelyss and the other featuring a Luxon beacon.


  • Two key covers: Essek design & Beacon design
  • Essek Art by Jenny Park (@asunnydisposish)
  • Size: 1.75"
  • Materials: PVC / Metal Alloy
  • Suitable for keys 1 inch wide or less, and less than 3mm thick

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mollie Murnane
Can't use them with my house keys

I loved the design and love Essek and they came in looking fabulous and I immediately put my house keys on them. When I tried to unlock my door, my key wasn't able to go all the way in because of Essek's feet and I wasn't able to open my door. I'm so sad :(

Ashley Benson
Truly a key COVER

Similar to another reviewer, the Essek cover prevents my house key from entering the lock fully and actually being used. Super cute! Love the chibi design. However, practically speaking, it's a bit flawed for my house keys. I might be cutting off Essek's feet as well...

Monica McFaul
Mostly great!

I'm not sure if it was the way my key is shaped but I ended up having to cut the back half of Essek's feet off so my key could go all the way in the lock. Before that, the key was a centimeter too short and the feet were sticking out too far and not letting my key go all the way in and blocking it.

After I cut the little bit off it worked just fine!

Otherwise, these are adorable and really neat! (Also larger than they might seem!)

Jessica Macias

I love this key cover it's the cutest thing ever.

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