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Critical Role Chibi Pin No. 7 - Fjord Stone

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Our chibi Fjord Stone pin was designed by Critter Jenny Park (@asunnydisposish). The pin showcases Fjord Stone's tentacled bond with Uk'otoa, his falchion, and the seas that shaped him.


  • Pin #7 of the Chibi Pin series
  • Size: 4.445 cm
  • Materials: Silver plated zinc alloy, hard enamel
  • Embossed Critical Role logo on the back of the pin

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 10 reviews
      Júlia Corrêa
      So. Cute.

      Such a cute depiction of my favorite anxious yet charismatic half-orc. Aaaand it matches perfectly with the Jester pin :)


      My friend loved it when I gave it to them.

      Bobby Smith
      Had to complete the set!

      I recently ordered a ton of these Chibi pins for the entire set of the Mighty Nein and the quality is fantastic! I love the designs for each character. After grabbing one or two, I quickly needed to complete the set- so Fjord is settling in alongside Jester and his first mate, Beau.

      Little Dude!

      I got this Fjord a while back but finally got around to reviewing him. Honestly, I really love this pin. I got some more, particularly a number of BH ones for Christmas, and Fjord still has something particularly charming about the balance and color of its design that makes him a favorite. It's hard to take photos of (he's more truly green irl, I'd say even the product photos skew too blue), but the color balance is really nice. He would be a lot easier to photograph if these pins were made with black instead of silver metal as they're so reflective, which I think the product photos also struggled with, but that's personal preference that black looks better displayed.

      The one thing I will say and what lost him a star (sorry Fjord) is that there's enamel bleeding over the lines on mine, from his scar into his skin and a little bit from his white tuft into the black hair (it looks like shine in the photo but irl you can tell it's the white enamel). It's not a big issue by any means, but it is something noticeable. I wouldn't mind collecting lower-grade CR pins, I just wish there was more attention paid to whether the pins were fully correct and I knew it was lower-grade before buying it. I also think that these pins are so large that they could really use a second post to help keep them secure and from moving around. I'm scared to wear them because I don't want them to fall off because I love them too much to lose them :)



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