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Beauty of Exandria: In Motion - Beauregard Lionett Sleeveless Hooded Cardigan

Critical Role

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Muscle up your fashions in true Beauregard Lionett style. This beautiful sleeveless cardigan features a soft well-placed hood, lovely tones of blue, and an awesome inscription on the back themed after the badass monk herself. 


  • Artist: Adriann Helton
  • Materials: 95% cotton, 5% spandex
  • SizingUnisex mid-length loose fit  (**Marisha is wearing a size Small, Taliesin is wearing a size Large.)
  • Garment length approximately
    • front hem length: ~36 inches
    • back hem length: ~22 inches

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 345 reviews
      Mason Breeden

      Great quality, comfortable, love the piece and would buy again.

      Timothy Goddard

      It is the perfect piece to wear for d&d night. Goes well with my Way of the Ascendent Dragon Dragonborn Monk. His only sleeves are his tattoos because sleeves are bullshit. Thanks Critical Role, this is the best. ;)

      Maurice Suggs
      How Do I Want To Wear This???

      (With a Zemnian accent) I love the Beauregard Lionett Sleeveless Hooded Cardigan. It's super monk cool. I originally bought a Large (which is normally my size in apparel, and as a birthday gift for myself) and I rolled a Natural 1 as it literally swallowed me. Fortunately I have a friend and fellow Critter who fit into it perfectly making it an early Critmas gift. The Medium fits just right and looks really cool with the Cobalt Soul pin on it. You guys rolled Natural 20 with this one!!!!

      Just wow

      This thing is awesome, hope to get more cool products like this one. I had to come write a review. Hope for more no traditional clothing options.

      Bobbi Petry
      Pop pop

      Love this thing so fun to wear, though I think I look more like yasha trying to cosplay as Beau

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