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Manto com Capuz Vax'ildan

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Abrace seu ladino interior com esta capa com capuz de Vax'ildan! Este manto é perigo por fora, coração por dentro, assim como o próprio Vax. A parte de trás é adornada com asas iridescentes dignas de um campeão. Três adagas defendem o peito do usuário, enquanto no mesmo local, no interior da capa, um floco de neve é ​​colocado contra o coração. A frase de Vax para sua irmã, "Não vá muito longe de mim", corre para dentro da bainha.

Tabela de tamanhos

 (polegadas) XS S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL 6XL
Largura traseira 1" abaixo da cava 19 1/4 20 1/4 21 1/4 22 1/4 23 1/4 24 3/4 26 1/4 27 3/4 29 1/4 30 3/4
Comprimento das costas a partir do ponto alto dos ombros  30 30 3/4 31 1/2 32 1/4 33 34 35 35 35 35
Cintura 20 cm abaixo da cava 12 8/5 13 8/5 14 8/5 15 8/5 16 8/5 18 1/8 19 8/5 21 1/8 22 8/5 25 1/8


  • Tamanho unissex - XS - 6XL
  • Para referência, um Medium se encaixa bem em alguém de 5'11 e pesando 180lbs.
  • capa unissex manga longa com capuz 100% algodão francês felpudo
    • Orifícios para os polegares nas extremidades das mangas

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 164 reviews
    Mary Delic
    Way to big

    Definitely a high quality jacket but for someone who is 5ft 105 pounds I am unfortunately swimming in this coat jacket!! And I got a x-small too but I'm keeping it cause I absolutely love the show and Vax is one of my favorite characters.

    Sam G
    Really cozy!

    I love the little detail on the cloak, its super cozy, and billows dramatically when I walk. Its perfect, and has become my new favorite thing to wear. The fabric feels nice, and the pockets are pretty good too!

    Morrigan Bratcher
    Fits a little large

    I ordered a medium (my usual size) but it hangs off of me. It looks like I borrowed a jacket from a much bigger person. It is super comfy though, and it's not a big enough deal for me to return it. I'm hoping that maybe it will shrink in the wash and then fit me properly.

    Karen Van Edom
    Mixed feelings

    I have mixed feelings about this cloak. This is my first critical role merch and I was very excited for it! But it arrived today and I have mixed feelings. At one side I love the details, ya know the daggers, the wings etc etc but on the other side it feels sloppy made? Like someone with not much sewing expertise made it? None of the edges are hemmed which means the edges ravel, this could be a choice to give it more of a rough look or something but I feel you can give it a rough feel without the letting the fabric naturally ravel and also there are 2 layers of fabric though I think this also is to give a more cool vibe with more fabric, something of it feels off and not perfected?

    So in general, the cloak its design and thought is really cool! but the euhm working out of it isn't thought trough completely? Or that is how it feels like.

    So mixed feelings, I want to love it and a part of me does but a part of me can't look past these issues.

    Super comfy!

    Shipped/arrived quickly and the hoodie itself is very soft and warm! I've gotten a bunch of compliments while wearing it.

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