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Papel crítico: The Mighty Vibe Series - Caduceus Clay 1000 peças quebra-cabeça

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Abrace um momento suave de calma ao lado de Caduceus com este incrível quebra-cabeça de 1000 peças de nossos amigos da The Op. Esta ilustração deliciosa foi vista pela primeira vez no igualmente pacífico Mighty Vibes Vol 3.


  • Artista: Kamille Areopagita e Kevin Areopagita
  • Dimensões: 19 polegadas x 27 polegadas depois de montado

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
M Hanson
Fun jigsaw cut, image quality fine

First puzzle from Critrole. The cut of the jigsaw pieces was very fun! Lots of weird shapes, definitely worth it on that alone. That said, as others pointed out, the image quality on this particular print isn't especially crisp. It's fine, but it could be higher resolution/crisper.

Separately, we received the puzzle and one piece had been bent! So there was a kink in that one piece. Probably a rare occurrence, but mentioning here if not...

thomas musnicki
Attention Andrew Lane!

I recently finished this amazing puzzle. And I couldn't be happier, Caduceus and this setting is one of my all time favorites. Anyway upon completion I noticed an extra piece! I immediately looked up the reviews and noticed someone was missing a piece. That all being said I have no idea how to contact you, Andrew Lane but I might just have the piece that was missing from your set.

Andrew Lane
Adoration but thwarted

I absolutely loved this puzzle. The artwork is amazing and the intricacy of the pieces makes it really fun. Unfortunately, when I got to the end, there was a piece missing. I have looked everywhere for it, hoping I had just dropped it or brushed it off the board but it is nowhere to be found.

Michael Ressler
Great Quality - Difficult Puzzle

While I'm still working on the puzzle, I have been impressed by the high quality of the individual pieces. I was also pleasantly surprised by the lack of cardboard dust strewn around the inside of a new box - I found none! That being said, it appears this will be a tough one, lots of similar colors. But any good puzzler won't mind spending time with this one.

Diddy Kolo
My wife and I are obsessed with the Merch!!

She’s an avid puzzle solver and she loves the Caduceus puzzle so much! She’s spray fine the Hells Bells as well lol hoping y’all get the mighty nein one someday!
The order came way faster than we thought and in great condition 👏

10/10 have already bought more from the store lol

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