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Bandeja de rolamento de tomo de dados de função crítica

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Disfarçado de livro —Guia do Explorador para Jrusar do Conservatório Starpoint — o Função Crítica A Bandeja para Rolar Dados é envolta em couro sintético verde escuro e detalhada com metal antigo gravado em ouro. Abra este tomo para revelar seus dados, prontos para Rollies na bandeja completa forrada de feltro à esquerda, enquanto o lado direito é dividido para rolar e armazenar acessórios e minis.

Observação: dados não incluídos.


  • Artista: Sophie Humphries (@sophumph)
  • Dimensões: 
    • Exterior: 7 (C) x 4,75 (L) x 2 (A) polegadas
    • Interior: 11,5 polegadas de largura total quando aberto
      • Lado esquerdo: 4,75 (L) x 7 (C) polegadas
      • Lado direito: 3 polegadas (L) - bandeja forrada inferior | 3,25 polegadas (L) - compartimentos de armazenamento divididos na bandeja superior
  • Materiais: 
    • Caixa: Painel de fibra de média densidade com forro de feltro
    • Envoltório de couro sintético: couro de poliuretano
    • Alça com fivela e fecho magnético: Metal
    • Espuma interna: a inserção de espuma ajuda a manter os dados e minis no lugar quando fechados.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 144 reviews
    Good but had issues

    Nice dice tray overall, very nicely made on the inside.

    My main two complaints are that the divider is kinda useless (so it's nice that it's removable) because the small sections it makes are too tiny to fit even one die and your finger in, so it makes grabbing dice out of them a massive chore. This is a problem with a lot of dice trays and thankfully they planned around it. Second complaint is that one of the golden accents on the corners of the front of the "book" is very, very askew on the one I got. For a $70 dice tray, I'd expect a bit more quality control. Bu

    Stephene Heiden-Cilley
    More versatile than I knew!

    I'm a dice goblin like Laura, so I thought this book was cool, but not big enough (or organized enough) for my needs. But eventually I got it after constantly starring at it every time I bought the newest character dice sets. I finally gave in this time around. I was very excited when I found that the spacer in the top slot wasn't attached and I could move it. Now I use it in the big side to keep the 2 small sides from mixing! Just wish the magnetic closure strap wasn't quite so tight. Trying to latch it one of the first times, it slipped off and ripped a little of the faux leather.

    William R.
    Not worth 70+ dollars :/

    For how much this product is listed for, it looks and feels really cheap. After only a few months of light use, the "metal details" on the corners of the front are coming unglued, bending, and just generally falling apart. Furthermore the magnetic strap that holds it closed when not in use is not sized properly at all. I will say that it otherwise does a nice job of storing dice and providing a built-in rolling tray; the interior is fine and it functions normally. But given the amount of times the errant corners of the cheap decals have poked me (when they haven't been falling off) and the absurdly high price tag, I'm already in the market for a new way to store and roll my dice. It's a huge bummer, because I love the company and I love the design. But you can get higher-quality equivalent products for less than half the price. Given how much I love the dice I've gotten from here, I expected way more and was really disappointed.


    Sturdy! Some areas of paint aren't perfect but its a solid piece and my partner was really happy to receive it.

    Jennifer Marsh
    Wanted to Love It

    Normally I have loved everything from the CR store but I have to say this piece was disappointing. I LOVED the design of the outside of the book but the whole thing looked really cheap. It felt like it was strong structurally but the paint/veneer just looked off. The size is also a bit on the small side. I think it’s a great concept and I’ll definitely use it but it wasn’t up to par with all of the other 5 ⭐️ products I have bought before. Love y’all!

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