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Capuz Bells Hells

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Faça o inferno em nome do Sino! Mostre seu Bells Hells fandom com este moletom super confortável com o Papel Crítico logotipo na frente e uma bela serigrafia dos rostos de todos os 7 membros do grupo de aventureiros dispostos em torno de seu brasão oficial.


  • Artista: Nina Matsumoto ( @spacecoyotl )
  • Material: 80% algodão orgânico, 20% poliéster reciclado
  • Tamanho/ajuste: tamanho unissex, moldado para caber
  • Cor: Preto

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    Cristina Melo

    I misjudged the sizing and got one that was too big, but that's OK.
    It was my first buy and I just wanted to check it out, but the quality is absolutely amazing! So I've already bought more
    My question is which one am I getting next.

    high quality

    the EU product is high quality, the fabric as well as the print, zipper is metal. It is worth the price. It's my second hoodie from Critical Role and I dont regret buying them.

    It is NOT grey

    Okay that's a stupid title but I saw people wearing a grey hoodie on one of Sam's bits and wanted to get one. It was a grey hoodie with a white lace and I figured it was this one. It's not grey, it's black which is maybe even better. The picture on the back is beautiful. The quality is great, it's soft and feels sturdy, the matching color round lace is much better than the white flat lace (I have both a US and EU version of the red Vox Machina hoodie) like the US gets.

    I just saw another review by Paul Faulkner saying it's better than the Vox Machina hoodie - That is not true, it is better than the US VM hoodie, the EU VM hoodie with the red, round lace is the same as this hoodie. The EU Travellercon hoodie is a different built, that still feels thinner.

    Paul Faulkner
    Exceptional Quality

    I have bought 3 hoodies so far, I have the Vox Machina and the Travellercon hoodie and I thought they were amazing, then I got the Bells **** hoodie and the other 2 feel inferior in comparison. The quality of this hoodie is amazing, it's so soft and comfy, they've really upped their hoodie game, I just hope that all the hoodies from now on are going to be in this style.

    I haven't taken it off since it arrived!!

    This hoodie is absolutely beautiful. The print on the back is vibrant, well designed and simply amazing. It's made of top quality fabric with a fleecy interior and it has a good sized hood making it wonderfully warm and cosy!

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