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Mighty Nein Temporary Tattoos 8-Pack

Mighty Nein

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This 8-pack set includes temporary tattoos inspired by each of the Mighty Nein:

  • Beauregard Lionett - navy blue design featuring Beauregard Lionett's staff, her eye tattoo, and grapevines
  • Caleb Widogast - brown design featuring spellcasting sigils, Frumpkin, books, and fire
  • Nott the Brave / Veth Brenatto - gold design featuring Nott the Brave's mask, rings, coins, and crossbow bolts
  • Fjord Stone - green design featuring a shipwreck, tentacles, and a barnacle-encrusted falchion
  • Jester Lavorre - pink design featuring a sketchbook, paintbrush, painted designs, and a Traveler arch
  • Yasha Nydoorin - blue design featuring a rune-infused blade, flowers, and a thunderstorm
  • Caduceus Clay - teal design featuring a skull, beetle, tea set, mushrooms, and crystals
  • Mollymauk Tealeaf - purple design featuring a moon and sun, planchette, eye, snake, and scimitars


  • Artist: Savanna Mayer (@well_dipper)
  • Dimensions:12.4968 cm x 13.97 cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Sean V.

I used too love these type of temporary tattoos when I was younger so had to try em out. I am very impressed how much longer they last now a days, and they really look cool! Had a lot of fun with these!

Jennifer Doggett
Long Lasting and Very Detailed

These are great! My friends and I wore these to my first ever Renn Faire - got lots of compliments on them! I wore the Yasha one, it lasted over four days.

Katy Hatter
Super good!

They stay on for a really long time!!! I would advise using moisturiser everyday and try and not wear unbreathable fabrics in the first 3 or 4 days of putting it on

Brittany Koch

Gorgeous designs and last well! Excited to make my way through them.

Annie Warnke
Wildly long lasting

This is my fifth or sixth time buying these and I ordered multiple packs to stock my choices this time. They stay on incredibly long and clear even after showering multiple times to the point I’ve questioned what infernal deal they made to get them to work so well. The designs are also gorgeous and so detailed! I only wish they’d make a set for VM! (The photo is after a week of wear)

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