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Critical Role Dwendalian Empire Minky Blanket

Mighty Nein

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Welcome yourself to Wildemount with our very cozy and super soft blanket featuring a map of Dwendalian Empire where the Mighty Nein began their Campaign 2 adventures.
  • Cartographer: Deven Rue (@DevenRue)
  • Size: 152.4 cm x 152.4 cm (5 ft x 5 ft) 
  • Materials: 100% polyester; 2 layers of 220 gsm flannel (440 gsm total)
  • Ultra soft, plush minky blanket with Deven Rue's map of the Dwendalian Empire printed on both sides (one in full color, one in sepia tone)

Fun Fact: "Sepia" is a Greek word for "cuttlefish" :)

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
You can read the map from both sides??

It was an impulse buy. The winter temperatures of the area aren't really cold, just chilly. As I was adding this item to my cart, it came to mind that the group always commented on how soft all the items they provided for sale were.

I was not disappointed. This will not keep anyone in a blizzard from frostbite in minus wind chill numbers. It is cozy. I can curl up and watch my favorite dnd players take me away to other climes.

Elizabeth Jennings
Super soft & amazing quality!

I’ve had this blanket for about a year and it’s still gorgeous. The colors are vivid, the map is beautiful (on both sides!!) and clear, and the blanket itself is amazingly soft. Definitely worth the price! It’s held up very nicely and is well-loved by both myself and my cat.

Kami Roberts
Super soft and full of detail!!

I absolutely love this blanket. It is incredibly soft, and the detail is amazing. It's very warm even though it's quite lightweight. My biggest problem with this blanket is I didn't have it for 10 minutes before my cat stepped on it. He has barely left it since. My deepest regret is that I think I'm going to have to buy another map blanket so that I actually get a chance to nap under it.

10/10, absolutely would buy again


I love this blanket so much! It’s so soft and comfy! I bring it with me every game night.

Liam Puknys
Sister loved it!

My sister watches Critical Role, and I got her this for her birthday. She loved it, and is planning on using it as both a blanket and map in a campaign she's preparing to run set in Wildmount.

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