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Avvolgere il boccale: Vorrei infuriarmi

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Caratterizzato dalla calligrafia personalizzata di Critter Chris Gladis (@mshades01), questo involucro per boccale mette in mostra le tue tendenze barbare, ispirato al nostro slogan di Grog Strongjaw, "I Vorrei Rage".


  • Testo in rilievo
  • Adatto al boccale che misura 26,67 cm -30,48 cm di circonferenza
  • Cinturino in pelle
  • 2 fibbie

Il boccale con ruolo critico è VENDUTO SEPARATAMENTE

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Nathan Reyes
Awesome wrap!

I love my Rage wrap! I would love to see a Recognize The Alpha tattoo wrap for the tankard from Chetney

Vincent Edie
Love it!

It's what I imagined it to be, I do have one problem. The handle is a bit small, can't fit all my fingers in, have to have my pinky on the bottom like i am holding it up as support. But overall, LOVE IT!

Kenrick Nobles
A tankards loincloth

I was given a tankard very similar to the "How Do You Want to Do This" Tankards sold on the store when helping somebody move. I've had my eye on this tankard wrap for about a year now. This has really dressed up my naked tankard and transformed it from just another cup in my cabinet to one of my favorite cups. I will say that the height of your tankard can make a real difference. I think my tankard is a bit shorter than the one on the Critical Role shop and I only have about a half inch to get my lip on the mug before bumping into the leather wrap.

Greg Banda
Love it

Love it !!

Ben G
Badass accessory

This fits my tankard I bought at a renaissance that’s a bit smaller than the CR tankard. It’s badass and a great thematic piece for any dm or player. Time to RAAAAAGE!!

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