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Spilla da bavero Candela Obscura

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Disegnati tra i cercatori della verità con la Candela Obscura Spilla da bavero. Questa spilla discreta ma elegante è realizzata in metallo rialzato e incassato, con impresso il logo ufficiale per stare benissimo sul tuo blazer, giacca o camicia preferita.


  • Artista: Logo di Aaron Monroy
  • Materiali: Lega di zinco con placcatura in oro antico
  • Chiusura posteriore con spilla di sicurezza
  • Dimensioni: 0,75 pollici x 0,75 pollici
    • Spessore 2mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Mary Peacock

Between the swift delivery and the product its self my family (my husband and two sons, who are 20 and 11) was extremely excited. Special after they completed their first mission and I handed them their secret society pins: “Welcome to Candela Obsura”. My 11 year old was so happy he put it on his backpack and told his friends he was part of a secret society. Thank you so much!

Tanner Nielsen
Love it.

I absolutely adore this little lapel pin. In addition to being from Candela Obscura, it's the first lapel pin I've ever had. I'm super happy with how it looks, how nice it is, and that it isn't overly big and doesn't draw large amounts of attention. Perfect for both formal and casual wear. I love it.

c mccorkle

Absolutely gorgeous. It’s going right on the front of my battle vest. So, so, SO happy! A little smaller than expected, but thats on me for not reading the description closely enough lol.


Great craftsmanship with attention that to every aspect of its make evident.

Daniel Gomez
So cute!

Such a cute pin! I love that the back is not like so many enamel pins with a small rubber to hold it in place. I’m already planning an outfit to wear it with.

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