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Casse-tête Critical Role : The Mighty Nein -- Isharnai's Hut 1000 pièces

Mighty Nein

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Préparez une offrande pendant que vous montez au sommet de la montagne pour trouver "Isharnai's Hut", le repaire du Prism Sage, perché devant le Mighty Nein dans ce puzzle de 1000 pièces de 19 "x27" par nos amis de The Op.

Détails :

  • Artiste : Jessica Nguyen (@jessketchin)
  • Dimensions : 19 pouces x 27 pouces une fois assemblé

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Darker than expected

The artwork as seen in the store is fantastic. In reality though it is much, much darker. For instance, the blue glow on Caduceus's cloak is barely visible. I'm not sure if it is a mistake/misprint or if it is supposed to be like this though.

A few pieces have cracks in the facing on some edges but it is barely noticable. The pieces themselves are ok, some of the shapes are really interesting and fun to put together but the majorty of the pieces are fairly similar/common in shape. The similarity in addition to the difficulty to see any pattern at all makes it difficult to know if you have the correct piece or not since several might fit. It isn't until you have two or three edges ready that you can be sure that you have the right piece for one particular spot.

In short it is not what I was expecting, but if you want this for the challenge I'd say go for it. If you just want it for the art I would recommend to stay away from this one.

I added some pictures but the camera makes the colours and contrast more visible, so to the eye it is even darker.

+Delightful art
+Some interesting shapes/pieces

-Can barely see the art
-Very difficult puzzle
-Several pieces can fit in one spot unless you have multiple sides to match it to

Chelsea Mabbott

The artwork is beautiful and the quality is very good

Mighty Nein HARD Mode

This puzzle is challenging and took a long time to put together because of how dark it is and the glare from any kind of lighting just adds to the degree of difficulty. I resorted to matching pieces based on shapes alone for 2/3rds of the puzzle so it took a few months of off-and-on work. But, the hard work paid off and the end result is awesome! I am mounting the finished product to a board and giving it a glow-up paint job so I can see the details in the dark!

Good but not great

As others have mentioned, this puzzle is a little blurry and and it is DARK. Now I love me a good jigsaw but this was exceptionally difficult so I would not recommend this one unless you are into a little bit of jigsaw self-torture.

Abigail Kennedy
Love it

Love a good puzzle, this is no exception

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