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Critical Role Dwendalian Empire Minky Couverture

Mighty Nein

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Bienvenue à Wildemount avec notre couverture très confortable et super douce avec une carte de l'Empire Dwendalian où les Mighty Nein ont commencé leurs aventures de la Campagne 2.
Détails :
  • Cartographe : Deven Rue (@DevenRue)
  • Taille : 152,4 cm x 152,4 cm (5 pi x 5 pi) 
  • Matériaux : 100 % polyester ; 2 couches de flanelle de 220 g/m² (440 g/m² au total)
  • Couverture minky ultra douce et pelucheuse avec la carte de Deven Rue de l'empire Dwendalien imprimée des deux côtés (une en couleur, une en ton sépia)

Amusant Fait : "Sépia" est un mot grec pour "seiche" :)

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Austin E
So nice I bought it twice…

The Dwendalian blanket is so soft that my dog stole it off of my bed to snuggle with it, so I had to buy a second one for me. They are very well made, super plush and a joy to look at!

So Soft and Pretty

This blanket looks so cool. I was really amazed a blanket could have this much detail! It's also really soft and comfortable. Looks great on my bed, especially with my cat looking like a monster trying to destroy Rexxentrum.

Victoria DeRoy

This blanket is pretty bug, extremely comfortable, and absolutely beautiful. The details are amazing. Best birthday present ever.

Samantha Bull
Fantastic quality, beautiful design.

I purchased this blanket as a Christmas present for my son who is a Critical Role junkie and has most of the t shirts already, so seeing this was brilliant.
I received it very quickly and without Incident.Although I was concerned about the price having seen it, It is absolutely beautiful, so well designed and really big and cosy too, I'm sure my son will be thrilled with it. I can definitely recommend not only the product but the store too. Couldn't be happier, 10/10 all round.

Hingle McKringleberry
Soft, large, informative

Rarely in life does one come across a product to be endorsed so fully, so completely as this Deven Rue blanket/map/vestige of comfort.

Will it warm you with plush fibers? Yes.
Will it look great tossed across your couch? Yes.
Will you be able to trace your fingers along the M9’s path through Wildemount? Also yes.

Stop reading and start buying; this blanket is a bargain at twice the price.

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