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Juego de dados Vox Machina: Taryon Darrington

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¡Olvídate de esto, aventurero! Hecho en colaboración con nuestros amigos de Die Hard Dice, este juego de dados inspirado en Taryon Darrington presenta numeración con tinta dorada en un remolino brillante de verde azulado y azul con copos de oro. El d20 presenta un icono Doty en el lado 20.


  • Juego de 7 dados poliédricos de resina que incluye uno de cada uno de los siguientes estilos de dados
    • d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20 y dados percentiles
  • El juego de dados llega en una bolsa de cuero PU dorada con un logotipo de Critical Role grabado y forro de satén verde azulado y cordones dorados.
  • Dije metálico Vox Machina en cordón.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Chloe Rizzo

I have ordered a couple sets and love them!

Alexander Ryan

for months and months, i was looking for dice that could fit a space themed campaign. everything fell short. nothing seemed to fit what i wanted, no matter how gorgeous they looked. then, i went to a game store in california. there, i found a beautiful set of dice inspired by the dm. gorgeous swirls of black and blue. deep like the ocean, reflecting the night sky above. the same day i bought those dice, i KNEW i had to look to see what else there was. then i found them. my space dice. i bought them immediately, but i was distraught to know that even with the fast shipping, they may not arrive before i left for colombia the next week. but the morning before the long drive to san francisco, i get the notification. my dice have arrived. i was elated. we drove to the post office just to pick them up. when my husband saw the gold and blue dice bag, he wanted to steal it from me. (i gave him the blue dm one instead. it was a fair compromise.) i've used both these sets of dice a few times. they're so beautiful and roll so very well. i love the tips and how they don't come to a point. my only wish is that i could buy three more d6s from each. then, the set will feel truly complete. but for now, i will gaze at my dm dice and remember the ocean i used to live near, and remember the night sky of a quieter more peaceful town when i look to my space ones


Gorgeous set of dice! I love the sparkles, the numbers read super clearly, and the shaved points on the 4 sides are a great way to prevent accidental caltrops if you drop and lose a one!

Oliver DeBee-Hickle
Stunning and great quality

These are beautiful dice, and the bag was gorgeous and wonderfully made. The dice lived up to the expectations and then some, simply beautiful! My husband and I spent a while rolling the D20 just so we could say “Dotty write this down” lol Truthfully it didn’t take long, maybe a couple minutes. They rolled very well out the gate, hopefully there is still luck in them for all the future rolls they will do! If your a fan, or simply love pretty dice these do not disappoint and justify the price point!

Nice Dice, but not as blue as they appear in the image.

These appear to be nice dice, but they are not as blue as they appear in the image; they're a lot more green.

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