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Kapuzenumhang von Vax'ildan

Vox Machina

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Umarme deinen inneren Schurken mit diesem Kapuzenumhang von Vax'ildan! Dieser Umhang ist außen Gefahr, innen Herz, genau wie Vax selbst. Der Rücken ist mit schillernden, folierten Flügeln geschmückt, die für einen Champion geeignet sind. Drei Dolche verteidigen die Brust des Trägers, während an der gleichen Stelle auf der Innenseite des Umhangs ein Schneeglöckchen gegen das Herz geklemmt ist. Vax' ahnungsvoller Spruch an seine Schwester: „Entferne dich nicht weit von mir“, verläuft entlang der Innenseite des Saums.


 (Zoll) XS S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL 6XL
Rückenbreite 1" unterhalb des Armlochs 19 1/4 20 1/4 21 1/4 22 1/4 23 1/4 24 3/4 26 1/4 27 3/4 29 1/4 30 3/4
Rückenlänge vom höchsten Punkt der Schultern  30 30 3/4 31 1/2 32 1/4 33 34 35 35 35 35
Taille bei 8" unterhalb des Armlochs 12 5/8 13 5/8 14 5/8 15 5/8 16 5/8 18 1/8 19 5/8 21 1/8 22. 5.8. 25 1/8


  • Unisex-Größen - XS - 6XL
  • Als Referenz: Ein Medium passt gut zu jemandem von 5'11 und einem Gewicht von 180 Pfund.
  • Langärmliger Unisex-Umhang aus French Terry mit Kapuze aus 100 % Baumwolle
    • Daumenlöcher in den Ärmelenden

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 98 reviews
    Stephen Braziel

    It is the best thing I've purchased in my life.

    Ian Stokes
    Everything I expected and more!

    The Vax hooded cloak is beautiful! All of the details are spot on and the quality of the fabric feels exceptional! Truly everything I expected and so much more!


    Son absolutely loves it.

    Matt Motet McCord
    Great quality merch; the wings on the back were a miss imo.

    If I review this as a blinded fan boy, there's no room for improvement it's perfect shut up and take my money. If I review this as a small business owner examining what would I expect to get for $75- based on materials, design and execution, I think there's room for some notes for the next iteration.

    Materials, I'm satisfied price for value received! There's obviously a bit of profit margin there but compared to other $75 merch items with this much material, it's in the normal range.

    The Medium Fit on me feels good, wasn't too tight on an athletic build.

    I really love the Easter egg references that were unique to the character, the flower, the dagger dagger dagger, the quote. However the wings were a huge miss for me for a few reasons.

    Type-The wings are silvery, not ravens wings.

    Color- It would have made more sense to be glossy black or two tone grey and black wings.

    Placement- this and size were the biggest disappointment for me when paying this price- the graphic appeared to be a generic pair of folded wings that so many people get off google and tramp stamped. It doesn't look custom designed. The wings are so close together and land between the shoulders whereas a wider placement at each shoulder blade would have been more appealing across such a long piece of material. Just looks small and random.

    Size - the cloak is body length, these wings needed to go from shoulder to butt or so to give the impression of ravens wings ready to support a person in flight. I suspect the cost of making the wings bigger would have cut into their profit margins more than they desired or would have made the item more than they felt was right to charge, but if I'm spending 75 on a niche clothing item that is both representing a beloved character and made by their company , I'll spend 120.

    Overall I love it. But any time I have to explain the wings to a non critter they say the same thing, doesn't look like raven wings, looks like the white girl tramp stamp or shoulder Tat. So it's frustrating.

    Still love it and wear whenever it's cool out!

    Ashley W.
    F’n Amazing

    This hoodie is amazing! While I probably could have gotten a smaller size and it still be fine, I do love how it fits on as it is.
    And it is very warm so far for this Midwestern winter, the double layer stopping the wind from going right through. I’m amazed with it and it’s one of my new most favorite things!

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