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Nehmen Sie eine Chance Roll the Dice Bomberjacke

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Legen Sie Ihr Schicksal in Ihre Hände mit unserer Take a Chance Roll the Dice-Bomberjacke mit dem auf dem Rücken aufgestickten Satz, einem Critical Role-Schwertlogo auf der linken Brust und einem komplizierten Innenfuttermuster mit Symbolen, die beide Vox Machina darstellen und Mighty Nein-Zeichen.


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  • Künstler:
    • Jackendesign: Jordyn Torrence (@atjordyn)
    • Muster Innenfutter: Grace Berríos (@lassflores)
  • Materialien:
    • Außenjacke: 100 % Polyester
    • Ripp: 97 % Polyester, 3 % Spandex
    • Futter: 100 % Polyester

Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews
Jonathan madsen
Great product. Size can be decieving.

I orderen a size XL, as that i what i usually wear, but it is a tiny bit to small. I can still wear it and use it, but i thought it would be bigger. Something to remember when ordering from Europe. Snugg fit, the size you are used to. Loose fit, go up a size.
I love the quality and the design. It is perfect for late summer/early fall, when the mornings are a bit cold, but the afternoon is hot.

David B.
Absolutely love it

I really Like everything about this jacket.
I am a male roughly 1,8m tall and Size L Fotos perfectly. The measurements guide was a real Help.

The jacket is full of small and beautiful details, really well made and more of a lighter variety.

Lise M
great !

great jacket, i love it, i'm 1m68 for 63kg and the size M is perfect by my standard, good quality cool design

Ciara O Sullivan
fantastic jacket

Really comfy and stylish! Very warm and perfect fit

Todd Gerger
Great Jacket all be it a little small for me even at largest size

It is a great jacket I just6 wear it without buttoning it up it is nice and comfy and does not become scratchy or anything like that it is a good Jacket.

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