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Essek Thelyss T-Shirt

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Verleihen Sie Ihrer Garderobe etwas Verzauberung mit diesem Unisex-T-Shirt im Art-Deco-Stil mit Essek Thelyss . Auf der Vorderseite befindet sich ein übergroßes Retro-Sci-Fi-inspiriertes Design des hübschen Zauberers und seines magischen Globus und seiner Glyphen in metallischen Gold- und Rosatönen mit der Critical Role Logo auf der Rückseite.


  • Künstler:
    • Illustration: Lio Pressland (@kroovv
    • Zusätzliches Design: Jordyn Torrence (@atjordyn )
  • Modell: 
    • Marisha Ray trägt Größe Small.
    • Liam O’Brien trägt Größe Large.
  • Materialien: 65Gekämmte und ringgesponnene Baumwolle, 35 % Viskose
  • Größe: Unisex Retail Fit

Customer Reviews

Based on 124 reviews
Great shirt!

Love this shirt and the design! I’ve bought two! I get lots of compliments on them every time I wear one.


Boyfriend loves it. Great quality and was delivered fairly quick!

Comphy tee nice design!

Overall tee is comfortable it's a bit different material then some of the other tees in the store it's kinda silky and a little tighter as a note for sizing purposes!

Kaei Biersack
I bought shis shirt for myself and all my friends.

There is not really much more to say. I bought this shirt four times now for myself and three friends.
We all love it and wear it like a uniform at our dnd sessions.


Firstly I love the design on this shirt, the pictures do not do it Justice! The level of detail and the colours are stunning, and the more you look the more you see. I got a medium because reading other reviews I was worried that the difference in material would change the fit, where I’d usually get a small, this was a good choice because the small would have been tight. I agree with the other reviews when I say I prefer the other shirt materials that CR use because this one has this kind of plasticky texture almost, I don’t think it’s that bad but I will say it’s different so if textures are important to you then be advised it does feel different so you may not like this as much. Overall though it’s a soft shirt and it’s got everyone’s favourite Hot Boi on the front so what more could you want!

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