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Critter Nistpuppen

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Schmücken Sie Ihre Regale mit diesen klassischen Nistpuppen mit Kreaturen aus den Kampagnen 1, 2, 3 und Exandria Unlimited.

Vom größten zum kleinsten / von außen nach innen: Trinket, Mister, Frumpkin, Sprinkle und ein Rabe.


  • Künstler: Grace Berríos (@lassflores)
  • Materialien: Holz
  • Abmessungen: 
    • Schmuckstück: 6 Zoll groß
    • Herr: 4 Zoll groß
    • Frumpkin: 3 Zoll groß
    • Sprinkle: 2,5 Zoll hoch
    • Rabe: 1,5 Zoll groß
  • Vollumschlagdruck

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Caleb Barratt
Really Cute!

Its a really nice little shelf piece thats fun to fiddle with. Though I feel like I need to note that opening Trinket causes a fairly horiffic screeching noise. I suspect however that this issue will fade with use.

Rebecca Barnet
Super Cute plus fuction as Dice rolling cups

I absolutely love these nesting dolls. My favorite perk is that the biggest three in particular also make great dice rolling cups for when I play D&D with my friends. I also love the adorable raven one. I know it is for Vax, but I also think it works great for Campaign 3's "Mother" (Prism's familiar). Overall a solid purchase.

Elisabeth Eckel

Very cute but a little hard to open for my kiddo unassisted and make an awful squeak when you twist them. 😅

Jacquelyn Armstrong
Critter nesting dolls

Wonderful except for the bottom part of Frumpkins doll got wedged in making it difficult to get out.

Melissa W Carter
Nearly perfect.

I love my nesting dolls. They're adorable. One of Trinket's ears had come unstuck from the glue but he has already been mended. I can understand why some people's dolls come damaged. They're just shipped all bangin' around inside one another. This can cause scratches and damage to the inner little guys. I also imagine that since the dolls are so tightly fitted, the banging can cause some of them to split. They need a paper liner/barrier or something between everyone. Other than that, mine seem to be painted perfectly and arrived totally undamaged save for that one little ear.

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