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Critical Role Chibi Pin No. 26- Orym, Of The Air Ashari

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Stürze dich in die Schlacht (oder in die nächste Konditorei) mit Orym, of the Air Ashari an deiner Seite. Sein heldenhaftes Design zeigt sein charakteristisches, mit Efeu umwachsenes Schwert und Schild.


  • Künstlerin: Jenny Park (@asunnydisposish)
  • Pin Nr. 26 der Chibi-Pin-Serie
  • Größe: 1,75"
  • Materialien: Versilberte Zinklegierung, harte Emaille
  • Geprägtes Critical Role-Logo auf der Rückseite der Anstecknadel

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Orym graves

I love him, he's my favorite pin that I wear on my hat to work. He's the name I chose when I came out as trans so to be able to wear oryms pin makes me so happy to tell people where my name came from and how much I love orym and the bells hells gang in campaign 3 makes me so happy

Shelby Raegan
Love my lil Orym

Orym is my favorite CR character and now I have him on my bag everyday! The pin backing is very strong so I haven’t had any trouble getting it to stay on my bag despite the pin’s weight. I love it!

Matt Spencer
He's Lovely!!

I ordered him in my first purchase from this shop and he's so darling! I love displaying him in my room and wearing him when I go out. NGL, he started my pin addiction, and since I've bought 2 more from here. The quality is magnificent, a tad heavy but it stays on tight. Highly recommend collecting these little cuties well you can!

Shane Cudworth

I already have a Percy pin and i just love the art!!! Its a great quality pin that looks absolutely fantastic!!!

Sam M
So cute

Absolutely adorable, and quality product! 5 stars

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