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Kritische Rolle Chibi Pin Nr. 18 – Schmuckstück

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Roll für den Bären! Der allzeit bezaubernde Trinket ist bereit, mit seiner Rüstung in den Kampf zu ziehen ... aber vielleicht kannst du zuerst ein wenig Honig genießen?


  • Künstler: Jenny Park (@asunnydisposish)
  • Pin Nr. 18 der Chibi-Pin-Serie
  • Größe: 4,445 cm
  • Materialien: Versilberte Zinklegierung, harte Emaille
  • Geprägtes Critical Role-Logo auf der Rückseite der Anstecknadel

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Laura T
Glorious pin!

This is such a cute Trinket pin and really good quality!
I've added it to my pin collection and adore the little guy.

Deanna Armendariz

Bigger than I thought it would be. Great quality!

J Yargee
Most Glorious Goods

Love everything you all make and support. Especially love the packaging from Shaun....I mean Gilmores. Was very glad this item came back in stock, wish some older Tal'dorei items like the hat would come back. Proud of how much this organization has grown, long time critter and forever fan.

the bestest boi

the pictures on the website dont do this cute pin enough justice, he's just so stinkin cute yall!!! highly recommend for anyone who loves pins and loves CR!

Cait A.
My Trinket trinket!

The little blep tongue is what made me have to have this, and it's so cute to start with but the little honey comb and jar really add a sweet burst of color to this pin. I also love that this good boy is bigger than the other VM pins so he's almost to scale!

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