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Kritische Rolle Chibi Pin Nr. 12 - Keyleth

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Eine gute Stimme des Sturms muss sich auf Abenteuer in der Welt begeben, um sicherzustellen, dass alles in Ordnung ist. Nimm Keyleth mit, angeheftet an deine Jacke, deinen Rucksack oder an einen bevorzugten Ort zum Anheften.


  • Künstler: Jenny Park (@asunnydisposish)
  • Pin Nr. 12 der Chibi-Pin-Serie
  • Größe: 4,445 cm
  • Materialien: Versilberte Zinklegierung, harte Emaille
  • Geprägtes Critical Role-Logo auf der Rückseite der Anstecknadel

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
She's perfect

I own all of the M9 chibi pins, a handful of BH ones, and finally scooped up Keyleth as my first VM pin! She's just perfect - the detail on her is stunning and the colors are especially bright.

Kara Grady
Here's the artwork I did!

Both her and Vax's displays were too beautiful to toss so I turned them into themed art with mementos from recent travels: an oak leaf for Keyleth and feather for Vax.

Kara Grady
It's my girl!

I love Kiki so much and my sister got her and Vax for our birthday! They're the cutest and I'm saving the beautiful displays they came in for journal artwork.

So Cute

Bought this as a Christmas gift and they loved it.

Cait A.
Absolutely gorgeous!

It's Keyleth or Dorian for my personal favorite among these chibi pins for just how gorgeous they are. The ombre shift in color on her mantle and the autumnal color scheme with those deep greens are absolutely gorgeous, and I love the dangly little lantern/gem from her staff as well! This is such a stunning little pin, and the cover/backing art is gorgeous as well! Definitely one of my favorites!

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