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Candela Obscura Anstecknadel

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Machen Sie sich zu einem der Wahrheitssucher mit der Candela Obscura Anstecknadel. Dieser dezente und dennoch stilvolle Anstecker besteht aus erhabenem und vertieftem Metall und ist mit dem offiziellen Logo geprägt, sodass er mühelos zu Ihrem Lieblingsblazer, Ihrer Lieblingsjacke oder Ihrem Lieblingshemd passt.


  • Künstler: Logo von Aaron Monroy
  • Materialien: Zinklegierung mit Antikgold-Galvanik
  • Sicherheitsnadel-Rückenverschluss
  • Abmessungen: 0,75 Zoll x 0,75 Zoll
    • 2mm Dicke

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews

Great make nice to wear and the perfect size. Although the pendant hole is way to small for anything to be thread through... Unless you get some small chain links they you golden and good to go to use it with a necklace

Cute as a button (pin)

I love this little guy! It’s really subtle, nice, with a good weight to hang well but not drag any clothing down. It doesn’t have the classic stick point pin back thingy so it doesn’t stick out behind the clothing. This is nice if you’re putting it on something that is less structured or through thick fabric.

Alternatively there is a loop at the top to hang on a chain. I love the versatility of this. It’s evident the designers wanted to make sure it could be used on a number of different costume looks!

I have even used it to emboss some leather lol. 10/10 five stars got one for everyone in my circle.

Cristopher Mancini
Best pin ever!

The pin is small, but to my taste it makes it more elegant.
And it's gorgeous!
I've put it on my vest as soon as it arrived!

Paweł Dragan
Best Pin I have.

The pinning mechanism is high quality. I guess the loop on the top is for use as a necklace. Also, it looks gorgeous. I got it from one of my players and I wear it whenever I run Candela Obscura.

I also got a dice set and after the first session, I gave the players a die each.

Perfect for a new Lightkeeper

Along with sporting my affiliation with Candela Obscura, I was also going to use it as a wax seal for more immersion for my circle. And those who know, will know.

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