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Bells Hells Würfelset: Fearne Calloway

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Dieses Würfelset wird durch die Magie der Tierwelt entfacht und ist vom wilden Faun selbst inspiriert Fearne Calloway. Das scharfkantige, klare Set spiegelt auf subtile Weise die gefärbten Blumen und goldenen Blätter im Inneren wider und verfügt über eine blassgrüne Nummerierung und ein Symbol von Little Misters Gesicht auf der 20-Seite des W20-Würfels.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass die genaue Farbe zwischen Würfeln und Sets variieren kann.


  • Künstler: Leia Rondeau
  • Set mit 7 scharfkantigen polyedrischen Würfeln aus Epoxidharz, einschließlich jeweils einem der folgenden Würfelstile:
    • d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20 und Perzentilwürfel
  • Das Würfelset wird in einer hellgrünen Kunstledertasche (Polyurethan) mit der Prägung Critical Role Logo, Kordelzüge und rosa Nylonfutter.
  • Metall Bells Hells Anhänger am Kordelzug.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Bekah Brewer
Awesome set!

Super cool set, the flowers are an awesome touch!

Thorben Rose
Beautiful but sharp and pointy

Good afternoon,

I recently bought the new Fearn Calloway Dice-Set and I must say they look really good. But not everything about them is great. They have really sharp edges and they are very pointy, especially the D4. The D4 is so pointy that I don't like to use it because I have to be pretty careful handling them or else I poke myself a little bit. It's not really hurtful but a bit uncomfortable to use. I looked at the picture at the Shop and they look like they were intended to be this way but i must say i like the other Dice-Set better. For example the Dice-Set of Pike or Taryon. I included some Pictures where you can see the big difference between those Dice-Sets and why I think they are much better to handle. I still like the Dice-Set but I would like it more if they were as "smooth" as the others.

with kind regards
Thorben Rose

Adam Amr
Great set of dice

For the price, this is an amazing and beautiful set of dice. They're a touch lighter than I generally prefer, but to have the flower in them is a really beautiful touch. Also the d4 tips are very very sharp and pointy, so only throw them at someone's face with intentions of damage

Kimberly Zhou
Amazing Design

The Bells Hells dice have all been so beautifully detailed! You can instantly tie them to the character. Love them!

1st set of Sharp Edge

I am quite the dice enthusiast, but I've never been too keen on Sharp Edged dice. However, Fearne is my fav BH character, so I had to splurge on these!

I'd give a 5 if the color was closer to what I was expecting, but that's just a personal preference. It's more of a sage green, than a minty green, but the overall quality is great!

I absolutely LOVE the BH (Bells Hells) charm! Definitely the icing on the cake! Or the flame on the seed?

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