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Die Schönheit von Exandria: Creation – Gewebte Decke von Calamity

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Ob Sie es sich auf der Couch gemütlich machen oder Ihre Wandkunstsammlung ergänzen, diese wunderschöne Schönheit von Exandria™ : Die gewebte Calamity-Decke ist ein unverzichtbares Must-Have. Die Mehrzweckdecke verfügt über das Critical Role Logo in der unteren linken vorderen Ecke, einen Gobelin- gestylte Fransen am Rand und eine eindrucksvolle, farbige Illustration exandrischer Götter im Krieg.


  • KünstlerGenel Jumalon (@geneljumalon)
  • Materialien: 100 % Baumwolle
  • Abmessungen: 60 Zoll Breite x 80 Zoll Höhe (Maße für die Designplatzierung, ohne Fransenrand)

Customer Reviews

Based on 85 reviews

So I bought this for use as a blanket but it’s rather rough right out of the box and instead of trying to soften it up we hung it on the wall and it looks awesome!

Cole DeVore
Amazingly made

it is a awesome depiction of the moment from calamity, the blanket itself is a little rough(never had blanket quite like this before so not sure of thats normal) but other than that i love it

Tyler Vento
What it lacts in comfort, it makes up in vibrancy and quality

I've never owned a woven blanket before, so I'm not sure if the texture is something to be expected, but I found it to be a little rough to the touch and not very comfortable to snuggle with. If you are more interested in displaying this as a tapestry, I think it is definitely worth it. The artwork itself is very vibrant and eye catching, and you can tell just by feeling that it's going to last a long time. If it weren't for the lack of comfort, I would be rating this 5 out of 5.

John Woodhull
Why are there so many 5 star reviews??

It feels like there must be some serious quality control issues at the manufacturer, because like the other handful of negative reviews, I was very disappointed with this... blanket? I cannot imagine there are so many 5 star reviews if they got the same product I did. Out of the box, it had an extremely rough and coarse texture and was almost stiff, everywhere but the fringe. It was not a texture I would describe as "comfy" and not something I would want to have this touching me. I can see why one of the 5 star reviews says they have it hanging on their wall like a tapestry. I have bought several items from the Critical Role store, including their other blankets and clothing and always been pleased. This one was a real miss for me.

Really nice thing to own

It's big, it's colorful, it's beautiful! Not the softest just after arriving, but I expect it'll break in with washing. Happy with my purchase!

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