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Beauty of Exandria: The Wildes - Uk'otoa Water Bottle

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Learn. Grow. Provoke. Hydrate.
Quench your thirst and satisfy the great leviathan Uk’otoa as you embark on your next adventure through the Wildes of Exandria™.


  • Artist: Grace Berríos @lassflores
  • 34 oz. | 1006 ml
  • Materials: BPA Free Plastic, PVC (charm)

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Sorcerer-Warlock Dragon

I love my new water bottle and I love being able to represent everyone’s favorite serpent of Exandrian lore…Uk’otoa! To try and preserve the bottle I prefer to wash it by hand instead. It’s a little more tedious but as a precaution I prefer just washing by hand. The design is perfect and the little hanging keychain adds to the already wonderful design. I just love it when other Critters see it and whisper “Uk’otoaaaa”

Cute bottle but the design doesn't last

The bottle is a great size and is fab quality. The print however seems to be chipping already after not that much use and being quite careful with it. Not sure if I just got a bit unlucky, but it's worth keeping in mind

Siv Kristin Stakkestad
Beautiful, but mine leaks

I love the bottle itself, it's beautiful, but unfortunately mine is leaking as there's a weird slash/crack in the lid. Time has been a weird soup the last weeks, so the deadline to file a claim had passed. It was my own fault, but it still sucks. I haven't had many spoons this year, so it kept slipping my mind. I am considering buying it again, though. I love meeting critters in roller derby, that sees my bottle and go "...Uk'otoaaaa"

Niklas Nåheim
Decent flask, fun motive

The flask feels sturdy, but the lid can slip on the threads if you tighten it to hard. Other than that, I'm very pleased.

jessie padgett
Perfect for drinking out of.

i needed a new bottle to carry around to work,or for a work out and this is perfect to use for that.

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