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Critical Role Dice Tome Rolling Tray

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Disguised as a book—Explorer’s Guide to Jrusar from the Starpoint Conservatory—the Critical Role Dice Tome Rolling Tray is wrapped in dark green faux leather and detailed with antique debossed metal in gold. Crack open this tome to reveal your dice, ready for Rollies on the felt-lined full rolling tray on the left, while the right side is divided for rolling and storage of accessories and minis.

Note: Dice not included.


  • Artist: Sophie Humphries (@sophumph)
  • Dimensions: 
    • Exterior: 7 (L) x 4.75 (W) x 2 (H) inches
    • Interior: 11.5 inches total width when opened
      • Left side: 4.75 (W) x 7 (L) inches
      • Right side: 3 inches (L) - bottom lined tray | 3.25 inches (L) - top tray divided storage compartments
  • Materials: 
    • Box: Medium-density fiberboard with felt liner
    • Faux-leather wrap: Polyurethane leather
    • Buckle strap and magnetic clasp closure: Metal
    • Interior foam: The foam insert helps to keep dice and minis in place when closed.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 174 reviews
    Michał P.
    Perfect, just be careful

    Beautiful and real fun to use. You just have to be careful not to scratch the surface, cause it leaves a mark easily

    Zach Smith
    Love it! But some minor cosmetic issues

    The box itself is amazing. Very nicely built and perfect to roll in. However, the gold bits on the corners of mine are bent upwards and are very sharp. I’m not sure if this was an issue with shipping or not. Other than that, it’s perfect!

    Slightly disappointed

    Firstly, and admittedly, I'm a bit of a CR brand-**** so anything I say has to be seen in that light.

    I bought this dice tray to make transport a little easier than bringing my CR dice vault (which is gorgeous) and a separate tray when traveling to a game. For the price point and with the description I was just expecting slightly more.

    The art/embossing is lovely but the faux leather looks and feels very plastic-y. Dice storage is convenient but the clasp can be annoying to close and with the description of the foam insert I had assumed there would be an individual place to hold 1-2 minis that could be removed for extra storage or rolling space. There isn't. It's just a single block of foam that might keep things from hanging against the wood of the top of the box but doesn't really prevent your minus from shifting during travel.

    Altogether it's...fine? But for $70 a crafty friend could make something a lot more detailed and functional. I would skip it unless you're a hardcore fan.

    Pros: pretty cool looking from a distance. Dice vault area is nice. Embossing is great.

    Cons: storage for anything other than dice is lacking, faux leather looks and feels very artificial.

    Jane Stone
    Purchased as gift

    I purchased this as a Christmas gift for my son and can’t review it except to say the ordering and delivery process was excellent!


    Looks just as pictured. Very finely detailed and well crafted. Love love love.

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